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Arbonne Figure 8 Go Fizzing Beverage Tablets

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Figure 8, Fizz Tabs keep me going without the Jitters of Coffee


I Love the pomogrante Fizzy tabs, although the come in two flavors. They give me a boost of energy without the feeling you get from Coffee. There were no jitters or any caffeine crash. I also love that they contain a natural appetite suppresant so you are not hungry between meals. Great to keep you going!! Love, Love, Love Arbonne Figure 8 Fizzy Tabs

Goleta, CA


Figure 8 Tablets do not taste great, but are effective.


Arbonne is a company with a wide array of prodcuts, one of them being their Figure 8 NRG GO 3 fizzing beverage tablets. The product comes in a box which contains 2 tubes, each tube containing 10 tablets. The instructions are to dissolve 1 tablet in 8 ounces of room temperature water. The tablets require room temperature water because of the natural ingredients. After the tablet(s) dissolves, you can then chill the "drink" or add ice to it. I do like this product, because it is effective. It boasts that it gives you energy and helps to curb your appetite while increasing your metabolism. I can definitely feel an increase in energy, but more like a natural energy not a "buzz" that you might get from some energy drinks. When it comes to curbing appetite...I feel that sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. A few times I have felt that it did speed up my metabolism, but because of that I continued to be hungry all day! Now, onto the reason I did not give this product a higher score: the taste is pretty gross! I have the "citrus surge" flavor, and it is very intense. Since you have to dissolve the tablets in room temperature water, sometimes I will not want to wait until it chills and will drink it at the room temperature. It is not very good this way. So recently I started making them ahead of time and chilling in the refridgerator. This makes the drink a little better to drink, and it is pretty refreshing, but it still does not taste very good. It tastes very citrusy, but there is way to strong of a flavor and it is too intense. I am able to drink a whole drink (usually 2 tablets dissolved in a ~16oz water bottle) but not without making "lemon faces" throughout!

Jacksonville, FL


Nice alternative to sodas!


When my friend (an Arbonne consultant) introduced me to these tablets, I was a bit skeptical.  However, I think they taste great & give me just a little extra energy.  And, it's a great alternative to my diet soda habit! As a quick note, I mix half a tablet of the citrus with half a tablet of the newer flavor (pomegranite??) & it tastes great.  Oh & I typically use more water than the label calls for.  I agree that it can be too intense if you don't. 

Saint Cloud, MN


Love that energy!!!


If you need a pick me up, this is the right product for you. You get 20 tablets. When you needs a boost of enegry, you drop one of the tablets in a water bottle. Wait for it to fizz and then you'll have a refresshing pick me up drink. Made from b-vitamins and has a great citrus taste. Arbonne Figure 8 Go Fizzing Beverage Tablets are a great buy. They also have a pomegrante flavor as well. Enjoy!!

Los Angeles, CA


Pretty good tasting and Keeps me held over!


The Arbonne Beverage tablets are a great buy. My stepmom is actually an Arbonne consultant and first introduced them to me when I was studying for my SAT's. I needed something to keep me focused, energized, and kept me from hunger in times of strain or stress. I tried Energy drinks like Monster and Redbull...but they made me have a total crash after chugging 2. They amp you up but then you skyrocket into exhaustion. The Arbonne tablets kept me energized when studying and I had no hunger pains the day of the test itself. These actually promoted weight loss...I noticed I dropped a couple pounds at the end of the week I drank them.. They are pretty good tasting, sort of like a lemon/lime, fresh Sprite taste. I recommend this to anyone who is extremely busy and doesn't have time to always sit down and eat lunch throughout the day. This drink fights hunger while keeping you energized and focused when working.

Temecula, CA


this product is really helping me in my weight loss trek


since I've been using Arbonne's figure 8 fizzy tabs, I don't feel hungry all the time and my energy level is still up to where I can perform the things I need to do to get me thru a busy day at work and home.  I am on my feet constantly and moving all the time.  A busy mother of 2 active boys with a fulltime job, I don't have time to feel drug down.  I used to feel hungry all the time but since I started fizzy tabs I can make it from meal to meal without constantly having the munchies.  All I have to do is mix 1 fizzy tab in a bottle of room temp water, let it dissolve and then chill to my liking before drinking. I can use as little as 1 a day or can have 2 or 3 for extra help.  I usually drink 1 late morning and it gets me thru my day but I know if I need extra help later I can always use another.  I eat what I like and have not felt near as hungry as I used to.  I no longer have the urge to munch and still have plenty of energy for all the activities in my busy life

Panama, OK


Arbonne Figure 8 Go Fizzing Beverage Tablets

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