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Aramis Men's Cologne

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I want my Aramis back


I have loved Aramis for years. I bought it for my husband a few years ago but unfortunately it was not his favorite he only wore it for me like once in awhile. I went to purchase it again this christmas 2012, and when I took a sample I was so dissappointed, it did not smell the same. Call me crazy but does anyone know if they changed the formula?



Old Classic


I buy this cologne and after shave for my father every year. He just loves it. The scent remains the same over the years and is an all time classic fragrance. I can remember when I was young and dating how the men would wear this and even to this day it reminds me of all those wonderful memories of days gone past. Truly smells good on Dad and is always an all time favorite Christmas gift.

Saint Petersburg, FL


Aramis Men's Cologne, the cologne that never alone....


Aramis Men's Cologne, this cologne have a strong lasting smell, it lingered on for hours, Even after you wash your man clothing the scent is still there, it can out last many well known colognes because of its unique scent, it's a bit expensive, but it worth the price, I love the old design bottle with the crimple edges, it came out with years ago.. however, the bottle changes over the year, but the scent remains the same Aramis, is a bless for your favourite man.

Brooklyn, NY


I love an "Aramis " man! YUM


   This is such a sensual erotic fragrance. I absolutley LOVE the fragrance. I worked a Dillards for awhile and a lot of the men there wore this fragrance. It got very popular very quickly. Any man would love this as a gift and any lady would appreciate the "gift" as well! It can make a man a lot more handsome if he is wearing Aramis! I get a small bottle for my hubby when I can afford to and reap it benefits! I just love smelling his shirts when he's left them on a chair from the day before. It just adds fragrance to the entire room. This has got to be my men's fragrance top 10 list! I suggest you try some fo your man as soon as possible. It can sure bring life back into a doldrum relationship. Use this fragrance very sparingly as with most men's fragrances as they linger very well. I would have my man wear this in a tuxedo or in a pair of jeans. It is a very versatile, seductive, sexy fragrance!  

Seguin, TX


Aramis Original - Another 40 Years


My husband started wearing this in 1975, when it was just a 10 year old scent and not well known.  Men didn't have many options 40 years ago - so Aramis came along with these brand new essences of bergamot, cumin and jasmine, blended with notes of patchouli, amber and musk.  A little bit is all it takes but it lasts all day long. I never get tired of Aramis and all the products hold the essences well, right down to the soap.  It's timeless. 

Titusville, FL


Sexy, Simple, and Just Can't Get Enough


    If you love a fragrance that stays with you ALL the day long, this is the one! It's been around a very long time, and there's a reason for that! Once you smell this Cologne, you will never want to stop! **Aramis **Original is A Perfect Scent, Not too strong and not too light.....Just Right! I believe it's been around since 1965, and if it's up to me, it'll be around another 43 years....If you have never tried it....It is a MUST!! I have never had more comments with any other cologne than **Aramis**!! Priced Right Too!!

Bethany, OK


Aramis Men's Cologne

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