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AquaDuck Water-Filled Playmat

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Infantino Aqua Mat is a cute and unique little water playmat


I got this cute little 'Infantino Aqua Fun Water Filled Playmat' from a relative for my son when he was 5 months old. It kept him preoccupied for a long time because he really enjoyed squishig the water around. This playmat takes the shape of a duck and once it is filled with air, the large duck head and four feet which are bright orange and yellow kept my baby occupied. He especially enjoyed hitting it and watching the little flat water creatures inside bobble up and down. This playmat has the ability to be filled up with water in one section and air in another section. It has four fun shapes in the water section which includes a dolphin, starfish, a yellow fish and a turtle that floats in the water and moves around when someone hits the mat. Now that my son is older, he still enjoys playing with this mat especially in the bathtub. He likes to empty the water out and tries to fill it up with air and water for himself. He still enjoys hitting the starfish, dolphin, turtle and fish but he loses interest quickly. This playmate is recommended for kids 2 year old and younger. The mat is colorful and comprises of orange, yellow, red, blue and green.

Greensboro, NC


Great to play with water without getting wet!!


This toy was a great idea to allow your child to play with water without the mess!!  Mine got a hole in the plastic very quickly and doesn't inflate the duck's head anymore, but we can still put the water in, which is the most important.  My kids love to touch the water part with their hand and feet.  The little toys inside do stick to each other, unfortunately.  But, I would still consider this toy a great buy.

Bradenton, FL


Play with water without getting wet (but not too cold!).


This is one of three playmats I used for my baby. It was not my favorite one, but at 8.99 it was the cheapest, and it was the best one for moving around often or traveling with. For my baby, this was a guaranteed hit because there was no toy on this earth which delighted her like a yellow duck. This playmat was the only thing we had that could coax her into having any tummy-time. She enjoyed pushing the toys around, but mostly she gazed into that duck's beady little eyes and cooed softly to him about the secret passions of her tiny heart. She also liked smacking the mat around to make little waves inside. Inside are a fish, a starfish, a turtle, an octopus, and a whale which are brightly colored and cheerful. At first I was afraid the plug in back wouldn't keep the water sealed inside, so I was cautious about where she played with it. After several completely dry play sessions, I decided the water wasn't going anywhere and let her play with it wherever I happened to be. My biggest gripe is that it's hard to get all the water out, and the only way to clean the inside is to fill it up with bleach and water, shake it up, then pour it out. Another problem is that the animals stack up on each other and get stuck in the duck's neck. She loved it when I would fill it with warmer water on cold days. I thought she might appreciate some cold water on hot days, but she set me straight about that one right away. This was a very nice way to play with water without getting wet. If I had another baby and came across this playmat or something like it, I would probably buy it again.

Escondido, CA


Playmat fun way to encourage tummy time.


Infantino Aqua Fun Water Filled Playmat is a unique toy that my baby loves to play with during tummy time. We bought it for my daughter's Easter basket (it's duck-themed) and I wasn't completly sure what it would look like out of the box.  The playmat measures about a foot and a half in diameter and an inch and a half in height. The duck's head sticks out of the back of it and stands about 9 or 10 inches. The duck's hands and feet stick out of the rim of the pond. The duck's body is completely inflatable.  The "pond" area you fill with water and inside are some "fish" that swim around the pond (a starfish, a dolphin, a turtle and a fish). The baby bats on the pond to make the fish swim around. It may not seem like fun, but after a couple of days my baby was totally into this toy. Now that she's sitting up she still has fun leaning into the pond to play with the fish. The entire toy is made from soft plastic so there are no jagged edges or pointy sides for baby to hurt herself. And if she happends to roll on top of it there is no worry on my part.  The only down side is that the product's box has a claim that you can take this with you to a restaurant but when it's filled with water it's a little cumbersome to carry. And because of it's size it would be a little too big for a table or a highchair tray.  Besides that, baby loves this toy and so do I.

Astoria, NY


Its ok, not very impressed


This placemat is just ok. It doesn't fit well on highchair trays and its not very practical. I find it more fun for my son when its just laying on the floor. Its good that it doesn't leak, but the water is somewhat hard to drain out. It doesn't get my sons attention very well either. He tried to get the fish inside, but once he realized he will never get them, he gave up.  Fun for the ground, not for a placemat. Maybe he will like it better when he is a bit older. (He is one now)

Marquette, MI


AquaDuck Water-Filled Playmat

3.6 5