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Aqua Net Hair Spray

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Not Misty at all anymore!


I used to love this hairspray, but I've had to completely switched. I feel like my hair is SOAKED by just a few sprays because it doesn't mist at all, it's a bunch of big droplets. I even tried running the nozzle under hot water, thinking it was clogged. Nope. I've switched completely to Not Your Mother's hairspray and couldn't be happier now. And they smell good.


Dallas, TX


Nozzel sprays so hard it messes up your hair style!


It's useless to me with the nozzle spraying like a shot of bug spray instead of a mist. I bought 2 cans of extra hold and both shoot out and mess up my hair. I've been using this for 15 years but now have to find another brand.


Louisville, KY


Problems with the nozzle


I have used Aqua Net for many years. The past several months I have had to keep returning the can to my retailer for a refund because the nozzle just doesn't work right. Instead of a mist, it squirts a direct stream and soaks your scalp. We have complained numerous times to the company and they assured us they were going to take care of the problem, but apparently they have not. I had to switch to Suave which I am not too thrilled about. The company also told us they would send us coupons for our trouble, but that was months ago and we never received a thing! Fix the product or take it off the market until they figure out what is going on!!




What did they change??


I've used Aqua Net for years, but what has happened to either the spray nozzle or the liquid itself. It comes out very heavy and not misty... more like droplets. I thought maybe it was a defective can and bought 2 others at different locations. I just can't use it anymore and it was my go to spray for years!!




Aqua Net Hair Spray: Incredible Hold But Beware of Build Up


Years ago I bought a large can of Aqua Net and fell in love with it. It was a time when "big hair" was the rage and in order to get that look you needed to tease your hair and have a hair spray that would hold it in place. It usually took about twenty minutes to do my hair before I left for school but I knew that when the last bell of the day rang, my hair would still be perfect. Even though Aqua Net is considered a dated product, it is still unbelievably popular. There are only a couple of stores in the area that stock it but no sooner do they get it in that it flies off the shelf. I asked a one of the girls who works in the beauty section and she said that women (and men) of all ages buy it but the older ladies are usually the ones that are buying two or three cans of it at a time. There are some issues with it; the nozzles tend to get clogged if you are doing a lot of spraying or are spraying large areas but that's easy to fix. Just pull the nozzle off and soak it in water for a couple of minutes. If you are using a lot of this there is a chance that you could end up with it building up on your hair so using a shampoo and conditioner is a necessity. I use this when I am working a night shift and I know that I won't have time to redo my hair. Even in the dead of summer, Aqua Net holds my hair in place. On a side note, this is great to have in the summer if you have problems with bees, wasps or hornets. Hit them with a couple shots of this and they are pretty much paralyzed so you can flush them down the toilet or toss them outside.




Classic Hold


You really can't go wrong with a classic hairspray like Aqua Net, no other hairspray can compare to Aqua Net's super freeze sculpt. I have been spraying Aqua Net on my long locks for years now and I still get that same strong classic hold every time I use it. Aqua Net is my go-to for weddings, parties and any other event where my hair needs a little extra hold to keep it from falling or frizzing out and you really can't beat the price of this hairspray either.




My Grandma Used To Use This- I Wonder Why?


I have super fine hair. My grandmother had very fine hair too- they refer to it as baby fine in most classifications. My grandmother used to use Aqua Net on her hair so I decided to use it too. **Product Features** Aqua Net is aerosol in nature. It comes out in a very fine mist which is great for fine hair. It does encourage wave and holds in place for some time. The can is typical of aerosol cans, and the lid fits quite tight so the spray nozzle does not get clogged up. The fragrance has improved a bit over the years as it is more fresh and less gagging than it used to be. **Product Performance** Aqua Net does hold my hair nicely. The spray comes out in a very fine mist, which allows my baby fine hair to get held into place. The problem comes when the under style starts to fall and the outside top of my hair stays stuck in a bit of a helmet shape and then caves in a bit. If I want to start over, I can comb through it, but I find that I am left with hair that is hard to comb through and it hurts to do so. I do find that this spray is good in humid weather, and it also holds hair pretty well even in gentle rain. I just don't like how it sticks my hair together so much so that it is difficult to comb and wash out. **The Bottom Line** Aqua Net is a good stand by for me if I don't have anything else on hand that I can use on my hair in a pinch, but I prefer others that give me more volume and hold such as Elnett, Kenra Volume Spray, or Aussie.


Podunk, NY


Aqua Net is the Best


Because of the low cost of Aqua Net, you might think it's a lower quality brand, but in this case.. I think Aqua Net rules the market.  And their low cost tells me this is a very honest company as well.  I have tried almost every brand of hair spary and other brands just cost a lot more and don't hold near as well.  Now there is a couple other cheap brands that are descent, but Aqua Net still the best.  A lot of these more expensive brands just don't hold well.. but I guess some people want a flexible hold and want to run their fingers through their hair.  Well I don't use hair spray on my free flowing hair, but where I do use my hair spray, I want it to hold.. those flexible hold sprays are worthless to me.. they don't hold nothing, just so weak.... why would i want to put hair spray in my free flowing hair? All and all, of all the hair sprays I've tried, I've never use anything that works as well as aqua net for lasting all day hold and at a price that I love!


Richland, MO


Get me some Aqua Net!


Aqua Net Hairspray is the only hairspray that gives me lasting hold. I've tried every hair spray on the shelves and Aqua Net is the only kind that actually works on my hair. I have stubborn, very dry, very thick hair so I have trouble with hair sprays, shampoos, conditioners, I can just never find the hair products right for me. So, the fact that I found a hair spray that can actually hold a hair style on my head is unique. The downfalls of Aqua Net: You get that chalky, crunchy feeling in your hair. Whether you get scented or unscented it just smells like pure alchohol either way. It does hold but it doesn't hold for a very long time. I like it but I won't lie to you-- it smells and feels very unhealthy for your hair and makes it feel even worse. I personally don't care how stiff it makes my hair feel as long as its holding and still looks great. Use Aqua Net at your own discretion. I am at a nuetral standing when it comes to this product.


Langhorne, PA


This a great find! This needs to be #1 hairspray in the U.S


Tell me why again I come to talk about hair care products. Aquanet is by far the greatest HOLDING hairspray. For those who love to tease and curl and style and want maxium hold for all day but your not gonna go ahead pay 30 bucks for a small can of somthing that will fall flat. Aquanet will never disappoint you. It ran me about 88 cents at Walmart. I love to tease my hair and I love to style it. I'm into pin-up hair, I love "victory rolls" and I constantly do photoshoots where I'm needed to move and bend and stand and do whatever but as much movement as I do my hair never falls. Yes it's toxic but you will get the results you need. It's an aresol can and it smells really weird but again it will hold your hair through wind and rain and whatever natrual disaster that would be going on. Down fall it does leave flakes and you cant get flexible hold hence why it's LASTING HOLD I think thats why it's so cheap.


Oakland, CA


Aqua Net Hair Spray

3.3 12