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Apri Birth Control Pills

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This is a great birth control product. Where most birth control products can cause acne or cramps, I had no problems with this one. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to find a birth control that is easy to switch to. I have had no problems with cramps while on this birth control either. Some birth control products would give me awful cramps during the 4th week, however this one does not. I have not had any bad experiences taking this birth control. I have had no problems with PMS or any mood effects that come with some other birth control products. I have several friends that also take this product daily, and none have had any complaints about it yet. My experience with Apri has been over 2 years long now, so I am confident that I will not see any future problems with it. The tough part about the pill birth control methods is remembering to take them. For this I typically set an alarm for myself, as Apri does not offer any alternative methods for remembering... most pills do not.

Chicago, IL


Apri Birth Control Pills

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