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horrible experience


Appliance zone offers major appliance parts and brands(whirlpool, maytag,etc) at a severely discounted price. They offer fast shipping options, including same day shipping for only $6.95. The old saying of if it seems too good to be true, it probably is applies to this situation. unfortunately, with their majorly discounted prices and cheap shipping, appliance zone has major catches. 1. The part that I ordered did not arrive correctly. I tried to contact customer serivce to let them know about the incorrect item and that I would be returning it. I was not able to reach someone for two business days. Then then informed me, there would be a fee for returning the item, even though it did not match what i had ordered. 2. The box that my order came in was severely damaged. It looked like it had been through a dryer and ripped in multiple areas. 3. Customer service is very hard to reach and unprofessional.




Sent wrong part, charged restocking and refused postage refund


This is the absolute worst experience I have ever had in dealing with on online seller. I selected a WHITE part pictured directly from their website and, when the part came, it was black not white as pictured. I sent them numerous e-mails, with their response being you should have chatted first with us to make sure the part was white. Shouldn't someone have written me first to see if it was O.K. to substitute black for white? This was absolutely their mistake but they refuse to refund shipping charges and also charged a restocking fee of $5. What a racket!


North Wales, PA


Wish I'd never found them


I truly wish I had never found ApplianceZone.com. It has honestly been the worst online experience I've ever had. I found the parts I needed for my Jenn-Air stove, and after live-chatting with a sales representative to ensure the items were in stock, placed my order. I paid with my PayPal debit card, and the funds were immediately charged;$265.93. I placed the order on 12/20, and was told to expect my parts by 12/28. When my parts didn't come in, I live-chatted with a different rep. She refused to tell me anything, other than to follow some links on the website to request my tracking number. I got my number, and was told my part should be in by January 3rd. The last time I e-mailed the company (you can't call them - that should have been a clue) they told me they didn't know when my part would come in. So, they've been holding my money for over 2 weeks, and won't give me my part, or tell me when to expect it. So, yesterday I asked them to cancel my order and immediately refund my money. I figured if they could charge me instantly they could credit me instantly. The message I got back was that it would take up to 10 days to get my refund. To say that I am livid would be an understatement. They will have had my money for about a month, just hanging onto it,  getting interest on it, and I have nothing. Nothing but a bad taste in my mouth and missing funds. I will never use them again, and could never, with a clean conscience, be able to recommend them to anyone else. 


Napa, CA


ApplianceZone Buyer Beware!


 I recently ordered a refrigerator filter from Appliance Zone which boasted high customer ratings.  The package shipped quickly, but arrived in a cardboard priority mail envelope, which had been badly damaged in transit (the envelope was too small).  I realized once opened that I received the wrong filter.  I checked my records and realized it was THEIR mistake. When I tried to contact the company, I realized this is easier said than done... livechat...link sent (with security concerns)...email form required...return label generated... etc., etc.  After several difficult contacts through email, I was told that I would receive credit for the filter once it was returned (with a shipping label sent by mail...my expense to purchase return shipping box)..and then I could re-order the correct filter.... WHAT???  Who's mistake was this? I sent another email (to a different link) telling them to credit my account... I'd purchase the correct filter elsewhere due to exceptionally poor customer service.  Buyer beware!


Union City, PA


Untruthful customer service ever be aware about "in-stock" items


Appliance Zone has bad reputation for their untruthfulness in doing business with their customers.   They never list on the item list whether they part in stock so everybody assume from the first glance they have it and place an order. In many situations apparently they don't have it. So make sure to chat with them and ask first if the item in stock.     They have tendency to tell that it on back order, which means it was ordered and in process to ship to their warehouse but turns out for weeks or months they not having the part you needed and people eventually cancel the order.  That's why make sure to ask about the "In-stock" item and confirm how soon it will be shipped out upon receiving the payment.   They really have competitive prices with other appliance part distributors that make them on top of search engines. If you compare with other big appliance part sellers such as Sears Part Direct, Repair Clinic, Appliance Parts Pros, etc. they usually have best price and shipping options.   On the other hand, you can't get best customer service out of your purchase. If it turns out it improper part or defective, or electric, etc. it will take you a fortune trying to return it and get your refund back. Usually they never refund you for electric parts. For those items cancelled without even getting the part it takes month or two to get your money back even though they tell to refund it within two weeks. Before the final decision you've got to go through a long and extensive explanations with what, when and whys. It happens that they refuse to return not installed non-delivered part. The only way to get your money back is to go through your credit card company with dispute over the non legitimate charge.   If you really need to have a smooth transaction pay a little bit more and have a nice customer service that available over the phone. If it turns out that part defective and dies within a month you will be sure where to go for warranty issues.   Good Luck with your appliance part purchases!  


San Diego, CA


No phone number cause they can't deal with all the complaints


Original purchase went fine, but when the part broke after a couple of weeks the replacement process was a nightmare.  They gave false tracking numbers and then denied they had any order for me at all.  Then when they finally were making me pay for the shipping in order to resend it, they wouldn't let me add anything else to the order to make it worth it for me.  I landed up paying for shipping twice, and lost hours of my time trying to explain and re-explain myself.  I wrote a detailed 2page letter to the customer service manager and did not receive a single response.  Very disapointed in being pushed off like this.  Buyer beware!


Sumas, WA


Buyer Bware!!!!


Buyer Beware!!!!! These people are crooks. Ordered a part from them and then got their OK to return it for a refund if I bought another part. Bought the other part and paid extra to get it shipped quick. the second part was more expensive than the first. They tried to tell me that I installed it when I did not! They would not give me my refund so now I'm out over $200. Thank god my credit card stood behind me. DONT SHOP HERE!


Forked River, NJ



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