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iPod Shuffle
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Apple - iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation MP3 Player

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This little iPod is perfect for the technophobe in all of us!


I love this little ipod! My only reservation -which I will get our of the way right away -is the lack of a screen. Oh, and since I'm laying all of my cards on the table -one of the features I love is a double-edged sword: the controls on the headphones are GREAT, but the earbuds hurt my little ear openings after a while. :) I received this as a gift to replace my giant Discman (Gasp! And I am only 33!). I am a bit of a technophobe, as well as a reformed Apple-phobe (I may have just coined that phrase), but now I don't know what I would do without this little guy. It is literally the size of a stick of gum and holds our ENTIRE iTunes library! I use it to run errands on foot, working out at the gym, waiting in the doctor's office -you name it. It clips right onto my clothing when I am on the go. It is simple to use, simple to upload music, and simple to charge. Oh, and the battery lasts forever! The controls take a bit of time to get used to, but I really love the feature that announces the song artist and title. (I just about face-planted on the treadmill when I heard "UnforJETable by Nat King Cole.) I highly recommend this little device, and barring a few small complaints, I really think it is ideal for someone like me.

Chicago, IL


Apple iPod Shuffle did not meet expectations for me.


I am a big Apple product fan so I was very upset to be so unhappy with my iPod shuffle. It was horrible. THe only option for headphones if you want to be able to control the volume or change the song are the stock headphones from Apple that come with the Shuffle and these are horribly. They are extremely uncomfortable and constantly fall out of your ears. BUT if you do not use these then you are unable to control anything on the iPod. Even when you are using these headphones the controls are still very complicated, you have to click something that does not even look like it is there in a certain order to be able to get the functions to work properly. I did like the size of it but that did not out weigh the fact that it was so annoying to use. THe price is really not that good for something that you have such a hard time working. I ended up selling mine, hopefully the new owner will have better luck with it!

Virginia Beach, VA


Shuffle is a great gift!


This is probably the best gift I have ever received. I got it for Christmas one year ago and it has been a great everyday item for me. I take it with me everywhere I go and it has been a wonderful addition to my exercise routines and everyday activities. With the memory it has, I'm able to keep a good amount of my favorite music with me at all times and I can switch up as much as I like because it's so easy to use. It doesn't bother me that there isn't a screen to help me pick an artist or a song because I can set up custom playlists and choose those with the wonderful voice over command that is included. The best part has to be the ability to have the shuffle option on or off as you please. In addition to that, the size is perfect for taking it with you wherever you go. It's nice to have an mp3 player that you *don't* have to look at constantly. I just clip it on and I'm ready to go about my day!

Memphis, TN


Need a cheap simple MP3 player. Here it is!


The Apple Inc. iPod shuffle is a great addition to the iPod line up. The iPod shuffle 2GB can hold up to about 300 songs which is perfect for any jogger or someone that likes to listen to music while doing physical activities. This iPod can be dropped multiple times without being broken. It is a nice light device that can be clipped onto the end of your sleeve or your pocket. It is very convenient because it is very cheap and you don't need to worry about falling if you are a snowboarder or skier. This device can also be updated very easily by using iTunes which you can download from the apple website. This device also comes with voice over. Voice over can be activated by touching a button on top of the iPod. It tells you how much battery power is left, what song is playing and it tells you what playlist you might be listening to. This iPod is definitely worth the price and I recommend it to any athletic person looking for some music to run with. 

Milwaukee, WI


So tiny yet packed with tunes!


I love my iPod 3rd Generation Shuffle.  It's smaller than a USB flash drive and has a little clip on the back so you can tuck it just about anywhere. It's great for going on runs because I can just clip it on to my sleeve or shirt.  It's virtually weightless and you don't even notice it is there.  I do have a complaint about the earphones though.  The ones that come with the iPod Shuffle hurt my ears and never seem to stay in.  It also uses the remote on the earphones to control the volume, start, stop, fast forward, etc. That means you have to buy a certain type of earphone just to listen to it.  Apple has some earbuds that have rubber cushioning in them and seem to block out the noise. These are great but I wouldn't recommend them for intense running. I bought a pair and they were incredibly expensive and when the sweat gets on them they don't work right.   One time the volume got stuck at the highest level and songs started skipping when I tried to use the remote. Definitely not worth the price for the earbuds but if you are using the Shuffle just to walk or relax, I would definitely recommend it.

Trenton, NJ


Tiny but very nice.


I got this for free, but I do have to say that it's really nice. Well as long as you don't care that there's no screen to read the titles and that it's very small. There's a voice that will read you the titles but if they're in a different language (such as Japanese as I listen to a lot of that type of music) you will not be able to tell what they're talking about. Also you have to deal with the fact that you have to have iTunes installed on your computer so you can charge the thing and add or take music off of it. I find that a bit annoying and tried getting a plug for it (of course the plug died so I'm stuck with iTunes again.) There's also the fact that you have to use their headphones for it. You can't just get another pair because the controls on the headphones' wires. I really dislike that because these are the kind that you stick inside your ear (sort of weirds me out and I can't wear those for a long period of time because they hurt my ears). So not bad for what I paid.

Ypsilanti, MI


a runner's dream


I love this product.  I run and find it so small and easy to carry without jiggling or causing any undue bulk.  I especially love the small buttons on the earphone cord that make changing songs simple and without causing disruption during a run.  The battery life is decent but could be longer.  I have found that previous products were bulky and not easy to change songs, this one is perfect as a simple touch of the button can forward you to the next or previous song or replay the one you heard.  Drawbacks however is that you cannot see (no screen) what songs you are listening to and it is a bit too confusing to create playlists (I still haven't figured out how to do this).  My favorite thing however is definately the earphone remote.  I did upgrade to the more expensive earphones as the ones that come with it are very uncomfortable for me, the upgraded earphones are fantastic and very comfortable! (does add to the cost of the product though).

Germantown, OH


My 13 y/o loves his iPod Shuffle!


I bought the iPod Shuffle for my 13 y/o son.  He is into all sports and archery.  I didn't want him using something that would be large or bulky.  The shuffle is so small it fits perfectly into his pockets.  It holds a lot of songs on this little thing.  I listen to it when he lets me and the quality is out of this world.  The headphones talk to you and tell you the song.  It allows you to pick the genre, most played, recently played an downloaded songs.  With the controls on the ear phones, there is no need for accidently hitting the iPod and changing things.  I was also impressed with the fact that this little thing is tolerable to the washing machine.  He left it in his jeans and I ran it though the washer.  Afraid that I ruined the iPod, I plugged it in and it still worked.  His other mp3 player would not had made it.  The way you recharge the iPod is plugging it into the usb on the computer.  It doesn't take long to recharge the battery.  I am so happy and impressed with how this iPod works, that I won't think twice about getting him another one when the time comes.  The quality is excellent.

Half Way, MO


Great for exercising


The iPod Shuffle 3rd generation is tiny, so its easily portable. The headphone controls are convenient and easy to use. On the other hand, the headphones are the only way to control the Shuffle. The Shuffle can not be hooked up to any device to play the music out loud. The Shuffle headphone can also control other Ipod devices, like the 5th gen Nano, which is a bonus. The Shuffle was a bit overpriced, but an overall good product. This is a wonderful iPod. I got it for its small size and ease of use features. I was not looking for all the bells and whistles in other models, so this suits me perfectly. Particularly like the "talk to you" feature, and the ease of navigating to a folder I'm looking for, all with the simple squeeze of my fingers.  The thing I like most about Apple products is the the fact that you can trust them. This iPod Shuffle is no different. It's clean design and ease of use is very nice. The voice over feature is an awsome addition. I thought it would be something I never used, but I use it everytime I turn it on. Very good product.

Carson City, NV


This is the best iPod I could have ever asked for!


I have three boys, ages 2 to 7, and I am always on the go with them.  I am also rather clumsy when it comes to electronics of any kind!  (I usually blame the boys though!)  I love that this one does not have a screen so I do not have to worry about breaking it or dropping it.  It holds all the songs that I want, and I still have loads of more free space!  I was able to get it in pink, my favorite color which is a big plus for me!  I really like that I can throw it in the suit case for a trip, in the diaper bag or my purse for a day outing with out having to worry about.  I am also a rather petite person, and the other ones were just way too big for me to try to put in a pocket or even one of those arm band things.  The only thing that I don't like about it is that I have not been able to figure out how to hook it up to speakers since the controls are on the headset.  Maybe it was not made for them, which is fine because I can just burn my songs onto a cd.

Osseo, MN


Apple - iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation MP3 Player

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