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iPod Nano
MB261LL/A, MA978LL/A, MB247LL/A
Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation MP3 Player

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Best Apple Product!


I know that this generation of iPod nano is old, yet to this day I still have mine and use it frequently. In my humble opinion this is the best device that Apply, Inc. has developed even though it appears it is technologically incomparable to the current iPhone or iPad, I have never had any software problems nor any problems in any respect with this iPod nano.




3rd Generation


I don't like the Apple Ipod Nano 3rd generation at all. I didn't like that you couldn't randomly play the songs. And no matter how hard I tried, most of the time, I couldn't get the menu button to works so I could play my music. I have never had a product that I couldn't work, but this one is a pain. I paid alot of money for it and gave it away for free after only listening to it one time. Sound Quality It plays okay, but if you turn the volume up it is hard to make out what song is playing. And makes it sound distorted. Performance I couldn't get the thing to go to my music so I could use it. The menu button would go to main menu but couldn't get it to go to my playlist for 15 minutes of pushing the button. Battery Life I have had it for 2 months and never had to charge it. Durability The player itself is durable. It hasn't broke or gotten scratches on it. Ease of Use I couldn't work this player at all. The menu button sticks or something. Design I loved the design and how light weight it is.


Pierce City, MO


Great MP3 Player!


Love my iPod Nano! I've owned this device for quite a few years now, and I am still happy with it. It holds just enough music for my purposes. The battery life is pretty amazing considering how much I use my Nano. I love that it's easy to use, the screen is bright and clear, and I can take it with me nearly everywhere that I go. I purchased this Nano to replace my first generation Nano, which had absolutely nothing wrong with it - I was just ready for something different. I gave my old Nano to my husband to abuse (which he totally did). One of my favorite things is the shuffle feature. Sometimes, I just don't know what I want to listen to and my Nano complies, by shuffling all my different genres of music just right. The only real complaint I have about the Nano is the sound quality - but I realize that it may be due to the headphones I am using, which are by no means excellent. I would definitely recommend this MP3 player to anyone. It's simple to use, pretty to look at, and fun to listen to.


New Glarus, WI


If your going to get an Ipod, dont bother with this one


Although this iPod is a decent mp3 player, if you are going to spend the money on an iPod you may as well get a better quality one such as the iTouch or the iPod classic. The iTouch and the iPod Classic both have much more stage then this mp3 player, and they both have a lot more features. This iPod is very overpriced, and if you are going to spend the money then it makes no sense to buy this nano. The size and shape of this ipod are very weird and it is much more fragile then many other mp3 players. The sound quality is good on this iPod, but it makes no sense to purchase it when there are so many better, and more durable, products that are on the market. Also, I have found that the odd shape of this mp3 player does not fit as well into many ipod accessories such as speakers and car chargers. Overall, this is not one of the better mp3 players on the market and I would save up to purchase something designed better.


Bristol, RI


'Apple- I-Pod Nano' for music lovers


My grandaughter wanted one for Christmas and she talked me in to getting one for myself.  I thought if i didn't like it I would sell it on E-Bay. Well don't try to get my I-Pod. I have a new love in my life. Don't know what I used before , but all I use now is my Apple I-Pod.  It sound like a big stereo with the ear plugs, but I didn't like plugs in my ears so I bought a dock station. The I-Pod holds so much music,it will play for hours. No need to carrie a bunch of CD with you if you take it on the go. You can set music in play list, if you have different moods.  Can choose music by, song, style, albums, or singers.  You can,  watch videos, download pictures, play games, and set alarm. Download the I -Tunes program for free and get started.  It did not take me long to find out how to download songs, videos, games, and pictures to the device.  I use it every day. Would buy again.


Tickfaw, LA


Perfectionist's review


Let's be honest it's a great product for music lovers. That said it's not completely perfect. Things I love are the look and feel, the menus, the games, the screen resolution. Stuff that could improve are; buttons are a little sensitive which is not a problem for selecting music, but for playing games it makes you pick a bad answer sometimes which is frustrating. So brush up your fine motor skills if you want to use it for gaming. Also, for some reason my ipod doesn't have the greatest sound quality sometimes. I suspect it's a problem I may have caused but don't know what that might be other than using it constantly. So perhaps it is responding to high use. It's a great thing to have and I don't go anywhere without my ipod.


Carol Stream, IL


A must have for ANYONE who likes music, even a little


this truely is the best gift for anyone that listens to music even a little. the scrren is the perfect size, the capacity is great for the person who has a good collection or the one that wasnt to load visoe or books for their kids to listen to whil rifing in the car. there are many inexpensive covers for the body as well as the screen to protect it.


League City, TX


Simply amazing!


I got my wife one of these when she got good grades in law school. She used it every day on the train in the Fall of '07 and loved it. The screen size is small, but the resolution makes up for it and the video is easy to watch. The only thing that my wife doesn't like about it is that some of my music keeps getting on it :-)


Christiansted, VI


Love it and love the red color!


The resolution is fantastic and at first I thought the screen might be too smal to view anything, but it's great for watching movies while you're traveling or in a waiting room. Nice and light-weight to make it easy to work-out with. Cover flow display sometimes has a second or 2 delay of displays the cover art if you're scrolling too fast, but other than that it's the best MP3 player I've ever owned. The added bonus is that some of the proceeds from my purchase went towards The Global Fund to fight AIDS.


Alexandria, VA


Sounds like a full sound system in your ear!


I recently received an IPod nano as a gift.  After spending more time than I would like to admit, I finally figured out how to down-load music to it.  Since then, I have been seen dancing around at work, the gym, and home.  My children threaten to suspend my IPod listening time! I am loving the ease of use, outstanding storage capacity, and sound of my favorite toy!


Lake Charles, LA


Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation MP3 Player

4.4 185