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Apple iPhone 3GS (8GB)

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i would by this product


it's great product you can take nice photo with ggod qualité


elgor tlemcen




is good phone



Good phone


Good phone but system is very old does not support download modern applications as the battery weak some thing and easy breakage once it falling to him I prefer to use the old games a little bit because he Ndhamh not allowed to assume some of the games I own it now, but I did not do I never use it But it has some designators Ltd, which is that good design and sought large storage allows you to assume a lot of pictures and applications




An awesome phone.


Very good solid product. Even thought it's 2014 I am using one. No matter what the iPhone never fails. It might be slow compared to todays standards, but for a good solid phone you cannot go wrong with iPhone 3GS. It takes nice pictures, nice video camera. I would rather have this phone any day compared to a new LG optimus smartphone from Straight Talk. Battery Life It's a smartphone so it can die pretty fast, but keep in plugged in when it's not in use and it's fine. You can download juice defender to save some power. Display/Screen Quality Great graphics really nice screen quality. Call Quality I could always hear everyone loudly and everyone could always hear me very clear. Crystal clear speech. Ease of Use This phone walks you through everything from set up to uninstalling everything. Durability This phone Is well built and can handle being put in a pocket or a purse very well. I wouldn't try to drop it, but as along as it doesn't hit the ground face down it should be able to withstand some falls and some bangs. Design Nice rounded design. I like that much better than today's square shape.




Good starter phone


This was my first smartphone. I liked using the different apps and being in the "smartphone" word. As it got older the battery seemed to drain pretty quickly. It seemed to always be on the charger and then Apple quit making updates for it. Now, this phone is only good as an iPod.


Indianapolis, IN


A multy-function devise that keeps you informed & entertained.


I Love My iPhone! I have had it for a year and a half and I am very excited about up grading it in the next six months. I want the faster version with more memory so I can do even more. I surf the WEB, take pictures and videos, read books and comic books, send my kids e-mail and messages, listen to music, watch videos, and of course make phone calls. I want more memory so I can carry more music and videos. I was at the doctors with my son recently and he is very energetic. It is impossible to get him to sit in one place for more than a minute or two. Well I took out my iPhone, picked an episode of a show he likes, pushed play and handed it to him. He sat in his chair for the entire time we were at the doctors. Battery Life I never seem to run out of charge day to day. I keep it on at all times and use it all day long for different fun or time saving activities. The battery still seems as good today as the day I got it. Earlier phone that I owned had batteries that lost charge time over time. They had to be charged more and more often. I have not had any problems with my iPhone charge yet. Display/Screen Quality I love the touch screen on my iPhone. It makes it so easy to operate quickly. It is also very versatile and easier to operate than other phones I have tried. The touch screen key pad is much easier to use than the actual key pad of my last phone. It had a full key pad with the numbers in some of the same key. They were also way too small. Call Quality The phone is great but the wireless provider is still an issue. Until the providers put as much effort, money and research into the "service" as they do the phones and operating systems, the call quality will only be as "good" as the service. No matter how good the phone's speakers and mics are the quality of the call is still majorly dependent on the service provider's network. Ease of Use It has an Apple OS so it is very easy to operate. Nothing is as good and problem free as the Apple operating systems. Any bugs that might develop are fixed very quickly with free upgrades. Apple listens to their customers and continuously improves their systems. Durability It is quite durable but I do encourage everyone to get a "case" that matches their activity level. I have a case that can "bounce" because I put it down and bump it all the time. It has fallen on the floor several times and it still works great. Design I love the basic functionality of this phone. I love the touch screen and the Apple iOS. I also love how many applications are available for the iPhone. It is so much more than a phone, it is a mini portable compute.


Winona, MN


The Apple iPhone changed my life!!


I LOVE this phone and I cannot wait to get an iPhone 5 when it comes out as my plan is up for renewal next year and I want to keep going strong with my Apple. Battery Life It is very true to close out non-active programs to save on battery life, really does make a huge difference. Display/Screen Quality So clear. I love how you can enlarge things and make them smaller...great for those with vision problems. Call Quality Never had a problem with AT&T. Ease of Use It is designed for people who have never used one before. It was extremely easy to learn and I can't believe how it revolutionized the way I'm able to connect with friends and family. It's AWESOME!


Farmington, MI


great all in one phone!


The Apple Iphone is so amazing. I have had the ipod touches which do everything but make calls. I love having my ipod and phone all in one with the apps and everything! Definately worth buying. Battery Life Battery doesn't last at all Display/Screen Quality Great screen Ease of Use Very easy to click through Durability Just dont drop it on its screen


Kennesaw, GA


Once you get one, you won't go without it again!


I love my apple iPhone. I wasn't sure I would but it has grown on me like a new body part! i used to despise texting and all of that, but now it is such a normal part of the day! Battery Life I think the battery was great for about a year. Now it seems to not hold a charge like it once did. Durability I have dropped it at least three times, but it is fine!


Greeley, CO


super easy, super fun


love my iPhone, but I've had trouble a couple times in the past year since I've had it. it's always the keypad goes beserk. Either I can't text anything or else it puts in a totally different number/letter than I wanted or it starts putting in it's own random symbols!! But on the whole, I really love my phone :)


Crab Orchard, WV


Apple iPhone 3GS (8GB)

4.5 22