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Apple iMac DV Special Edition Snow 15 in. (M7709LZ/A) Mac Desktop

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Old and outdated, though good at the time.


I've always been a Mac person and when these came out we bought 2 for our children. They did very well for them but for a busy working adult today you need something up to date. If you come across one, they works , it's a great kids first computer. I will continue to purchase only macs. Ease of Use Macs are always easier to use than pcs. When there are problems they are so much easier to fix than a PC. Hardware Quality Stands up better than pcs the problems are far less than PC computers. Apple must have put more effort than we realize into creating each product. I've had a lot of different types of macs and though my MacBook Pro, which burned in my house fire and I miss it terribly ) is one of the best, well built, easy to use, fewest technically issues and sleekest designed laptop computers so far. I will definitely get another one as soon as I can afford to. Support & Service Not happy I have to pay for help from them with their own product when it's not performing correctly. Durability Stands up well. These computers last a long time. All of apples computers are very well designed and have the learnt reported issues. Fixing a Mac is so much less complicated than trying to fix a PC. Design Very unique cool Design Each Mac has it's own unique characteristics. Very nice, sleek and modern. Performance Macs are the best! These have far less problems than pcs.



Apple iMac DV Special Edition Snow 15 in. (M7709LZ/A) Mac Desktop

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