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Apple eMac 17 in. Mac desktop computer

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Apple eMac 17 in. Mac desktop computer


An interesting and especially bulky design to say the least of the Apple eMac 17 in. (M8577LL/A) Mac desktop computer. Although this computer is extremely fast and effective at managing spaces, such as your own, or at work, or even on the go.. it's still not great. Not only is this because of its overly bulky size, but because it does not support many applications running at once and can inturn slow down. This goes hand in hand with the fact that like other computers right now, its processing power is not optimal as it must sit on a desk and use alot of power. Along with this is the fact that it cannot be upgraded at all without having to pry open the casing and attempt to solder your own parts into it. Other than these the computer is still very fast and has good quality speakers. This is also good as it can make for getting the most for your buck. This cannot be the case here, mainly becauase it's apple, and that it is an overpriced product.

Dallas, TX


Apple Mac destop computer


Well of course, I would be the one to say that there are no problems with macs, because I love them. If you are like me then you will love this, I have seen so many people who have tried to use these and they love it too. They are fun to play with because there are so many different softwares that Pcs' do not have, which makes them better. For some people it may be hard to switch from a pc to a mac, and might make them really mad or upset at it because they cannot figure it out. I also like it because when you use a amc you do not run into a lot of problems, which makes your life easier. The difficult thing about macs is trying to take good care of it because of the color, and also the plastics. Another con would be it is too big and heavy, which takes up a lot of desk space, so if you are considering switching to macs then you may consider other laptops such as the macbook because it is more compact.

San Leandro, CA


eMac is Great Desktop Computer


I got my eMac couple of years ago when I was in need of a computer. It was a very good desktop computer for school work and creative projects. The Apple software that came with the computer was very user friendly. I originally ran the Tiger OS on the eMac and later upgraded to Leopard. Both ran very fast and effectively on the computer. The screen was very crisp and could be seen clearly from any angle. The speakers are fairly decent for looking kind of small. I got good sound quality from the speakers for listening to music and watching movies. One of the only problems I had with the computer was that is was very bulky and heavy. This won't matter much if you're leaving it on a desktop and not moving it around.  The eMac is a great computer. The only reason I stopped using it is that I got a portable laptop when I transfered away to school. The eMac still works as a great backup computer though.

Salinas, CA


Apple eMac 17 in. Mac desktop computer

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