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Apple Mighty Mouse

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Possibly the Best Mouse I have ever owned


The mighty mouse is one of the mice made by Apple Inc. The Mighty Mouse has 4 buttons that are fully customizable with-out any extra or third-party software. I have had my Mighty Mouse for a few years now and I have had no problems with it at all. There are two different versions, the wireless one which uses Bluetooth to connect to your computer, and there is the wired version. Both version work extremely well. The battery life for the Bluetooth wireless Mighty Mouse is very good, and as an added feature, you can run it off of one OR two "AA" size batteries. The only dislike that I have about the mouse is that the wired mouse does not have that long of a cord, maybe only a foot or so. However, this only becomes a problem if your keyboard does not have a USB port on it. This mouse also works with the Microsoft Windows operating system, and the buttons are still fully customizable. All in all, I give it a well deserved 9/10 score. Definite buy.

Arlington Heights, IL


Easy-to-use wireless bluetooth mouse


I liked that this mouse runs on Bluetooth and easily connects to any laptop with bluetooth.  I liked the bluetooth feature because you don't have to remember the usb stick, but that means you have to go through the bluetooth pairing process with each new computer you use it with. It is pretty lightweight, has two AA battery slots but only requires one to work, and tracks smoothly on just about any surface.  The ball for scrolling also works well, but it gets dirty easily and is just about impossible to clean.  Also, the mouse wasn't that comfortable in my hand because of the flat surface, but it's still better than apple's new version of the mighty mouse that is covered in metal and glass making it heavier and even more uncomfortable to use.  Overall, I think this is a really expensive mouse for just average mouse performance.

Chula Vista, CA


Needs Improvement


I am a big Apple fan.  I normally use laptops and their track-pads, but when my husband convinced me to try an mmo I decided to get a real mouse, and of course immediately thought of Apple's Mighty Mouse.  A friend of mine has the wired version and I always rather liked it, I never found any problems with it when I helped her with her iMac.  But, me with my laptops I of course decided to go with the wireless version, which I think is part of the problem.  Also, to play mmos (which is the reason I bought this mouse) I dual-boot windows on my Macbook Pro.  That is also part of the problem.  Even though Mac says that their mouse is perfectly capable of working with windows, there are a lot of glitches.  None of the extra buttons work in windows, which is fine, since I never used the mouse before I hadn't been spoiled by them yet.  There are third-party programs that claim to fix this issue, but the ones I tried didn't work.  The two biggest issues to me were: a)  The fact that every time my computer went idle, the bluetooth connection was lost.  In windows, connecting via bluetooth to the mighty mouse is a bit of a hassle.  It's not like in OSX where you just go to system pref and click a button.  It's a drawn-out process and will happen if you get up to get water or use the bathroom or do anything that takes you away from the computer for a few minutes (and I don't mean when the computer actually goes to sleep, if that were the case I would just change the setting.  No, I mean this happens when you just don't use your mouse for a few minutes.)  This really doesn't happen in OSX, just in windows. b)  It will frequently choose not to right-click.  This is pretty much guaranteed to happen after you have been using it for a while.  You can re-connect the bluetooth which will fix it for about an hour and then it will happen again.  And when I say "happen", I mean that it will just outright stop right-clicking and there's nothing you can do to fix it short of turning off/on the mouse and reconnecting.  This happens in both operating systems. c)  My last complaint is that, though the mouse looks REALLY cool and I LOVE the little scroll "bump", it is incredibly uncomfortable to use.  Apple really should have put more thought into their soap-bar design. I've ended up just using my husband's regular old portable third-party wired mouse and like it better.  I keep the Mighty Mouse I bought on hand just in case one of our regular mice goes out.

San Francisco, CA


For the Apple Computer Geek, the Mighty Mouse is here


For every Mac addict or Apple Computer Geek, "the Mighty Mouse" is here.  It has been out for awhile but I finally just had to break down and purchase one.  It is a wonderful mouse and so easy to use.  It is faster than the regular mouse.  You do not have to click every time you move, you can just move your fingers across the mouse and it goes where you want it to go.  If you are debating whether to get one or not, I recommend buying one.  It is worth the money and you won't be disappointed.  Apple products are great and you can't go wrong with them.  The "Mighty Mouse" lives up to it's name as it is fast & mighty.  Also it fits nicely in your hand, is small and compact, and can be used either right or left handed as to your preference.  I won't ever have one of the regular type mouse since using this one with my apple computer.  You can try them out if you have an Apple Store near you.  They have them on display with computers so you can see how to use them.  Wait no longer, get your "Mighty Mouse" now.

Bentonville, AR


Unique and elegant.


The apple mighty mouse is a handy upgrade from the trackpad. It allows scrolling in all directions and feels great. But not only that, it looks great with an apple computer. It is made with the same material and has the same feeling to it. I have always used apple products. I'm convinced they are the best and I have the experience to back it up having gone through 3 computers (two PC's (both broke) and a mac). If you enjoy mac get this mouse. It's a laser mouse and will work anywhere. It has a switch on the bottom that works to protect the inside as well as shut off the mouse. Also it has all the functionality of a normal mouse with the added buttons. When you click the scroll wheel it opens up dashboard. Their are two side buttons you can customize to fit your needs. On top of that it looks great.

Edmonds, WA


Mighty Mouse To Save The Day


Just as Mighty Mouse saved the day back in the golden years of cartoons, Apple's Mighty Mouse will save your day with its ease of use with your Apple computer. Bluetooth enabled, no longer is your mouse tied to a wire and with its mini-track ball, you can navigate pages and content with a slide of the tip of your finger. The only complaint as a track ball lover, the mini-back only scrolls up and down and does not have the full mouse moving capability of a true track ball. On the whole, it liberates you from your computer desk and allows you, with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, to control your computer from anywhere in the room. As William Wallace said in "Braveheart", "Freedom!"



Aptly named!


This is a great step forward for Macs. Simple, easy to use software makes this mouse virtually endlessly versatile. The addition of not only a right button on the mouse, but a scroll wheel and side buttons allow you to manipulate various Finder based features, as well as many other software specific features. Though arguably long over due, these features are done in true Apple form - simple and elegant. Add in a 360 degree scroll wheel at your finger tips and you have one of the most versatile mice on the market. One of my favorite features of this peripheral is the ability to use only one battery. This is fantastic - I use rechargeable batteries in mine and this feature gives me the ability to charge one while continuing to work. A great overall device - well worth the price for the features and versatility.

Portland, OR


Apple Mighty Mouse

4.3 7