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Apple Macbook Pro Notebook PC

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The Macbook Pro. This is a computer that i can honostly say, "Get It!" Out of all the computers i have passed by, none have matched up to this. Make sure to get the A1211 today! Dont just take my word for it, take everyones.

Brentwood, TN


A1211 review


Well, I got this A1211 refurbished for real cheap online. This thing has been a solid performer so far, really delivering my needs for classes and some netflix streaming videos. It's running an older generation Intel Core 2 duo that is surprisngly decent for classwork and light video work (I do not recommend the Core 2 Duo for heavy demanding consumers). Memory is set at a bare minimum of 2 gigs of ram, but honestly, 2 gigs of ram is enough to run basic applications. 4 gigs of ram would have been really nice though as that is becoming the standard for laptops and notebooks at the moment. This thing is pretty light at five or so pounds. I carry it to class and I never thought it was heavy or cumbersome. The speakers suck for videos so I have it hooked up to some external speakers. The screen is a 15.4 inch screen and its not HD quality. I wish it was 1080p but you cannot have it all. I picked up 3 external drives for this as the harddrive only has 120 gb and I need a lot of storage for my movies.

Beverly Hills, CA


Great computer without the issue of a PC


I used to use a PC that I will not name here and constantly had issues. I would go through a PC about every year and had to have it serviced on a regular basis. I bought my Mac about 4 years ago and have never, let me repeat "never", had any issues and if I had the apple store that I bought it from would service it for free. I bought my daughters laptops that are also Mac's 4 years ago for college and they are still in perfect working condition. They use them every day at school and have told me about their friends that use other computers and how many issues their friends have. Also, there friends are having to buy a new computer every year or so and then have to have them serviced every couple of months. The Mac may cost a bit more in the beginning but is so worth no headaches in the long run and I believe it actually cost less over a couple of years. When buying a Mac, you ultimately have to analyze your own individual needs and resources (keeping an eye out for bargains as prices vary from time to time). But what Apple has given us with the Mac is an elegant, useful, on the move computer. And it's not just an choice, it's a great choice that's right for a wide variety of applications and needs. As far as I can see right now, it is a wonderfully useful, friendly, attractive computer that exemplifies the best principles of the Macintosh vision. I love my Mac!

Milwaukee, WI


Apple Macbook Pro Notebook PC

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