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Apple MacBook 13.3 in. Mac Notebook

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Amazing Laptop


I love Mac.  I have an iPod Touch, this Mac Laptop, and an adorable Mac Mini.  Not only is this Mac laptop versatile and effective in anything from projects to surfing the web, it also quite stylish and cute as well.  I have always loved a Mac's simple style and ease of use.  Programs like iTunes, Word, Safari and iPhoto are easy to use and allow me to listen to music, surf the web and edit beautiful photos for school projects and family portraits. I love Mac because of their simplicity and they don't get viruses, which is a HUGE plus since I kept having to get a new PC because viruses would attack them and never leave.  I love how Mac are organized, they allow me to find anything easily, and their fast updates make me feel like i never miss out on newer versions of my programs. The only downsides I find for Macs aren't as game compatible as PC's are and are a bit on the pricey side, but if all you need is to surf the web and a computer to do more work-related projects, then it is the best computer for those needs. The bottom line is, Macs are worth the price if you want a hassle-free, virus free computer and do not mind the lack of games.  

North Hollywood, CA


Apple MacBook 13.3 in. Mac Notebook

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