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Apple LED Cinema Display 24 inch LCD Monitor

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One of the best displays you can buy


I got an Apple Cinema display at work a few months ago and love it. The resolution is fantastic at 2560x1440 - more screen real estate means more efficiency to get tasks done. There are some really cool features such as built-in speaker, auto-adjusting brightness based on ambient lighting, firewire and USB ports, etc. One of the best features to me is that all you connect is power, displayport, and USB - that's it. Fantastic quality but it is a bit spendy (worth it to me).



The Apple 24 inch iMac is still pretty cool


I wanted to get a Mac, not a PC. The intel-chip based 24-inch iMac was a fairly good deal at the time. Set up was very easy, "right out of the box" as they say. I wanted it to fit in an indentation I had for my desk. I must have measured wrong, because the iMac was so big that it didn't fit in the spot I had reserved for it. Nonethe less, I placed it on top of the desk so it sits a bit closer to my eyes that I'd like it to be. What an awesome display! My friend who came over were shocked at its size. (I guess I didn't need the 27-inch, but we have larger ones at work). The sound is excellent the design is beautiful; it's really a work of are just sitting on your desk. But I bought it to use it and have used it heavily every day for two years straight. But here's an important tip... Buy the AppleCare warranty. You won't regret it. And, be sure to back-up anything valuable to you, like documents, photos, music and the like. Why? Because my hard drive gave out after two years. And while Apple replaced the hard drive free of charge, they could not, sadly, save the contents of my hard drive. Now I had backed up much of what I had on there, but not all, so be sure you back things up! Other than that, I will always rely on Mac products as I've been using them for the past 20 years.

Lake Villa, IL


Expensive and limited


First of all, this display is almost exclusively for Mac users for a number of reasons, so for a PC monitor I would certainly look elsewhere. It is not impossible to connect to a PC, you only need a DisplayPort adapter, but they are expensive too. If you already own a Mac with this port, you will definitely enjoy this monitor. As an added convenience, it includes a MagSafe port to charge your Macbook. It also includes an iSight webcam (same quality as the ones included in MacBooks and iMacs), microphone, stereo speakers and a 3 port USB hub. The monitor itself is beautiful but not flawless. It does have great colors and great contrast, mostly due to its glossy screen, which can be annoying to many people. If you have a window behind you or have ever noticed glare problems don't switch to this monitor. On the other hand, if you have an ideally lit workspace, you will find this to be one of the best displays if not the best you have seen. The price is certainly high, although a much better value than the 30 inch Cinema Display which costs over twice as much. These days, however you might be able to get a better price or a refurbished unit since the 27 inch has already replaced this 24 inch model. At a reduced price this is definitely a must-have for Mac users.

Baltimore, MD


Apple LED Cinema Display 24 inch LCD Monitor

4.7 3