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Apidexin Diet Pills

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Apidexin Diet Pill


Well I took apidexin for 2 months and the pill helps you lose lbs. fast. The problems I saw were that it is all water loss. Also if you don't drink lot of water while taking it you get dizzy, very dry mouth, sick tummy and over all not up to working out. As soon as you stop taking the pill it starts to come back. I was on the pill 2 months and lost  total of 23 lbs. however off the pill I gained 2 lbs a day back until it all was back to the beginning weight. Also really if all you want is a water pill they sell them at any store for alot cheaper. But they are dangerous. I am now doing the biggest loser work out and the pounds are coming off at a slower rate and I am feeling better then I ever have. After all the pills I have tried (and I did try lot of them) I have found that the workout is what works best for losing weight. Stay away from pills, they just are not worth it in the end. Good luck

Rhome, TX




I first started using this product to help aid me lose 100lbs. after the birth of my final child. Surprisingly my biggest loss was 17lbs. one month, then the months there after were around 10lbs. a month. I can't compare "dieting" without it because I never tried but I highly recommend this product to anyone losing weight. It has helped me so much - and will definitely be using it again if I ever so happen to gain weight back.

Pittsburgh, PA


Apidexin works!


I took Apidexin after I had my first child to lose the weight I had gained during my pregnancy. It claims to reduce weight and reduce body fat and I must say that it does work. I'll take it to kickstart my weight loss and then only take it about a week at a time (although you can take it as long as you want) becuase I would rather lose weight naturally but sometimes you'll come to a plateau during your weight loss and I find Apidexin to be great help. They are tylenol size caplets and smell like raspberries. You take 2 pills a day 30 minutes to an hour before breakfast and lunch and drink with plenty of water. I definetly notice that I have much more energy and am much fuller quicker than without the pill. It has given me a stomach ache and feel naseous when I over ate, but I've never had to actually throw up or anything. I lost 10 lbs in the first week with out exercise while taking the pills. And that motivates me to hit the gym to keep the weight coming off. If it were the first time taking any pill I would only take one, as even that left me sleepless at night the first time i took it. I will definetly keep taking it until i reach my goal weight. There has been no other side effects other than the occasional headache, but a couple glasses of water always do the trick.

Columbus, GA


Apidexin Diet Pills

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