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Anxiety Wrap
Anxiety Wrap

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Not satisfied at all


I ordered this product for my Lab who has severe reactions to thunder and fireworks. First off, the instructions for fitting the wrap straps around the rear legs is not clear. Second, once I figured that out, he couldn't walk. It was as if his rear legs were paralyzed. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased with the wrap. I have since gone to the Adaptil pheromone collar and ProQuiet tablets with great results. Finally, their 100% guarantee is not as it would seem. You have to return the wrap, in it's original condition (as if new) and in the original packaging. This is great if you haven't used it on the dog. But in order to find out it doesn't work, the dog has to wear it for awhile. That makes it difficult to meet their return criteria.




Jack Russell with no results


I bought the Anxiety Wrap for my hyper Jack Russell. When I ordered I received an email asking me what kind of dog I had to send the right wrap. Before I could answer, which was the same day, they shipped a wrap (obviously the wrong size). I put it on my Jack Russell, who, at first, thought it was a sweater but no mood changes at all. Then, within 24 hours, he chewed it off. Guess what, no mood changes, chewed off, means no refund or exchanges from Anxiety Wrap. Anxiety Wrap sent me a confirmation return authorization with a little notation. Must be returned in resaleable condition. My problem: They didn't wait for my response to verify the right size and should have a notation that returns must be showroom new before you can click accept to pay. Now, their company is richer and my dog is the same.




Little tough to put on, but worth the effort.


We use the anxiety wrap with our Shepard Collie mix rescue dog. He is now four years old. When he arrived he was so terrified of thunder that he would jump on our bed, shaking, crying and drooling in our face! The wrap allows him to calm down enough to lie on the end of the bed (and allows us the opportunity for sleep). The wrap can be a little cumbersome to put on (he is 65 lbs. and not sure he really cares for it). But it is worth the effort to get it on. I have recommended this product to a lot of other people who have "neurotic" dogs.


Hamburg, NY


From shaking the crate to watching TV, in 3 minutes!


Our dear Lucy dog was so terrified of thunderstorms, loud noises such as fireworks or gunshots that she'd shake her crate. In speaking with my vet, we decided that medication would be a very last resort, because of the possibilities of side effects. A friend suggested the Anxiety Wrap. I ordered it. How does it work? Think swaddling clothes for your dog. No drugs, no stress. It arrived the day that a bad thunderstorm was predicted later in the day, so, following the directions, I put the Anxiety Wrap on her early in the day, before the barometric pressure changed, as animals feel the upcoming storm long before humans. We did what we normally do, closing the curtains so she wouldn't see the lightning, and turning on the TV as a "white noise" distraction. My husband was skeptical. However, when the storm hit, Lucy stayed with us, lying on the floor calmly watching TV and hoping for a treat, rather than hiding, quivering, in her crate. It was wonderful! If your dog has fears, try this. When we moved cross-country, Lucy wore her Anxiety Wrap in the car the entire time, and actually refused to take it off when we asked. She was calm, quiet, and actually enjoyed the trip!


Livermore, CO


Anxiety Wrap

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