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Antec (S2761550) Laptop Cooler

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Antec Laptop Cooler works but could be better.


My laptop has very poor heat management. Not only does it get unbearably hot while on my lap, but the top where I rest my hands gets very hot as well. I purchased the Antec Laptop Cooler over comparable products because it seemed of better quality. The build is decent, with aluminum on top to help draw away heat and a two very efficient ball bearing fans. It is a very stable platform with large rubber feet that prevents it from slipping off of laps, cars seats, etc. The USB connector is a pass-through design, therefore you do not lose a USB port to the cooler. The two speed switch is a really great feature... when lower noise is needed it can be used in low speed, or turned to high speed for processor-heavy operations that tend to really heat up the computer. Functionally, this cooler works great with my laptop. I can really notice the difference in the heat build-up on the palm rests of my laptop. I did try using it with a different laptop for a while and noticed it was a bit less effective... I am assuming it is because of the location of the fan intake vent. On the laptop that showed little improvement, the intake is on the back, whereas it is on the bottom of the laptop that showed great improvement. It works, but it is not perfect. One great annoyance is the very bright blue LED power indicator. You can literally light a room with this LED. I keep tape over it to eliminate the annoying light, but this should have been addressed in the design. Another problem that has popped up is the rubber feet falling off. Without these feet it easily slips off my lap, and there is no easy effective way of gluing rubber. I will have to try a few different methods eventually, but this is a hassle... they should be attached mechanically. The biggest problem is the USB power cable... or more precisely the jack on the cooler to which it plugs in. This jack is a circuit board mounted jack, and over a year or so of use it became loose and broke. I had to open the cooler, remove the jack, and hardwire the USB cable to the circuit board. This has solved the problem, but this was an obvious weak point and should have been designed differently. Overall I am happy with the performance but it has several design flaws that could have been avoided.

Garland, TX


so useful!


I got this cooler as a gift a few years ago since my boyfriend noticed my laptop getting too hot! I must say it was getting hotter and hotter the longer it was on! As a result of it heating up, the computer would run sluggish, too! Once I started using this cooling pad, it aleviated the sluggishness of my laptop! I also notice I don't burn my lap if I have the laptop sitting right on me. The cooling pad halps wick heat away from under the computer. Most of the time the fans are covered by the table or clothing on your lap. The heat cannot escape under these conditions-that's where the cooling fan pad comes in. The fans pull the heat away from the computer and in turn blow fresh air onto the hard drive to speed up the laptop and to keep it from overheating. I'm convinced this will extend the lifespan of my laptop as long as I continue to use the cooling pad underneath my laptop, It is not very noisy and simply plugs in and out of the USB port.

Somerset, NJ


Antec Laptop Cooler is more like a laptop stand!


My laptop stays hot. Probably because I stay on my laptop. Not to mention the internal fan is malfunctioning, but that is neither here, nor there. I received the Antec Laptop Cooling station as a gift, from my ever thoughtful husband, who's tired of hearing me complain about my burning legs. He said it was "top of the line". It worked wonders for the first few months that I had it, I was estactic! It didn't make much noise and the only issue I had with it was an annoying blue light that stayed on and shined in his face while he was sleeping and I was still online. ( Problem solved with putting a pillow over his head). Then, one day, out of the blue it just stopped working. I wiggled the adapter~ HEY, that worked! Turns out, I had to hold the adapter in a special way in order to keep the fan working. That's annoying! I can't type one handed! So I taped it and that worked for a while, but I would have to be very careful not to move or it would cut off. Finally one day it just gave up and stopped working altogether. Oh well. I guess that's what I get for "Top of the line" merchandise?

Aurora, CO


Antec can keep your laptop cool.


I have always had trouble with my laptop running hot until I bought one of these Antec Laptop Coolers. The Antec cooler really does work. As someone who is always multi-tasking on my laptop with multiple programs open at once, my laptop was always running hot, until I started using an Antec Laptop Cooler. The Antec is very durable because it is made really well. The top of it is actually aluminum and it has all these little holes that blow cool air underneath your laptop. One of the main pros of the product is that it is USB powered. It requires no electrical cord or battery pack, it is all powered by one of your computer's USB ports. When it is on, there is a little blue light which lets you know that it is on and doing the job that it is supposed to do. The only con I can think of, is its not real big, and therefore really will not cool a laptop that is larger than say 15 inches. Other than that, I am pleased with its performance, it keeps my laptop running cool using only one of my USB ports.

Palm Bay, FL


Antec (S2761550) Laptop Cooler

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