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Antec NoteBook Cooler #761345-75004-2

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Antec NoteBook Cooler


I purchased the Antec NoteBook Cooler about a year ago when I purchased my notebook computer. I really like this device. It works very well to keep the notebook computer cool. My computer gets very hot after long period of usage but when I sit the computer on this device it does not heat up nearly as much. I mainly use this product when I have my computer on my lap. This product keeps it directly off of my legs so it does not heat up as much. It is a very quiet product and you can barely tell that it is on. It features two fan settings. The low setting is pretty much silent and the high setting moves a lot of air so depending on your need there is a setting that right.The device is powered by a USB port and the included cable is very nice. The cable has an adapter on it that allows the USB port to be used by something else even when the device is plugged in. My biggest complaint with the device is an annoying blue LED light that it has. This light indicates that it is on but I find it to be very annoying especially when I am using the notebook cooler and my computer at night.

Newark, DE


Good product design and performance. Quality could be better.


The Antec Laptop cooler is well designed and functions extremely well. The cooling fans operate very quietly and kept my computer much cooler than when the cooling unit isn't present. There is also a blue LED light that shows the location of the power cord, which is good, however there is no way to shut the light off, which can be annoying. Some downsides to the Antec Laptop cooler is that the USB cord doesn't seem to be of particualrly good quality and neither does the compartment where the cord lives when not in use. Overall the Antec Laptop Cooler is very good for its price and operates quietly and efficiently.

Chester, CT


Does its job very well, still not happy with the product


I bought this one 3-4 months ago. I was very happy with this product after getting it. It performs its job well. It cools the laptop base and my habbit is to keep my laptop always on my lap. It has silent operation and best this is that you don't loose your USB port as it provides one. It has 3 yeras warranty too. It has some place to keep the USB cord. But it is not so sturdy so its broken. Although that doesn't at all affect the performance. My main concern is now a days I feel like its not working fine. The port to connect the cord and the cooler is loose so always I have to keep on eye that its not loose. Even if its kept in the same position still it swtiches off. I ahve to call to coustomer care of it to see what is the problem or they are going to change the product or not. I recommend the product as it performs well its job but I am not sure about the durability of it.

Clemson, SC


Antec NoteBook Cooler #761345-75004-2

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