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Antec Cyclone Blower Case Cooling Fan

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Didnt work so well


The Cyclone Blower didn't work so well for me.  I have a Nvidia GeForce GTS 250, and I had this installed into a stock-Acer mini-tower (meaning that it was VERY bare bones with little cooling at all).  So I bought this in hopes of really cooling down my video card.  Because of space concerns though, I could only fit this below my video card, and this didnt work too well.  The video card itself pulls air from the inside and blows it out the back.  The blower does the same thing, and since the two would be facing each other, they actually fight each other for air.  This might still be okay though, because it can just force a lot of hot air out of the case.  But it simply doesn't work well at the bottom of the case.  Also, the noise to me was unacceptable.  I like it very quiet though.  It is not an annoying tone (lower pitched), but it is of high noise level, it added a rumbling into my room that I did not enjoy.   I stopped using this product, but under certainly applications I suppose it would be useful.  Instead, I just upgraded to a better case.

Torrance, CA


Antec Cyclone Blower Case Cooling Fan

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