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Animal Planet
Animal Planet Retractable Pet Leash with Bag Holder

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Animal Planet Retractable Pet Leash Different


I was using two smaller pet leashes on my two dogs but felt that I needed something stronger so I invested in the Animal Planet Retractable Pet Leash with Bag Holder. At first it felt much bulkier than my usual so I knew it would take a while to get use to it. But I really never could handle it that well. The trigger for retraction did not work well and I was always afraid that I would not be able to handle my animals as quickly as I wanted to because I was struggling with the trigger. I really never had to use the light so that wasn't a real advantage. But I have to admit that I do like the idea of having the plastic bag holder on the side because I didn't always have a pocket to carry a bag to pick up after my dogs. So the best thing about this leash to me was the bag holder. Other than that, I probably would never have bought this product. It is entirely too bulky and hard to handle as far as I am concerned and I never use it as I have gone back to using my smaller pet leashes when we walk.

Flint, TX




*It's not simple to use.  Each time I tried to lock it into the short leash position (dogs, joggers, or small children approaching) I couldn't quickly manuver the settings...leading to rope burn.  It makes a sound similar to nails on a chalkboard as the leash retracts....and although I purchased it for a 50 pound husky, I quickly realized it would only support a smaller dog.* *I never got around to installing batteries so I don't know about the flashlight.  The only part I liked was the bag compartment.** * **

Apex, NC


Held up for a couple days


Our big dog broke the retractable leash on this product within a few times of taking her for walks. I wish you could store more bags in the holder, but the most it'll hold is two bags. The best part, which we still use this for is the flashlight, which we take with us when we go for walks. This device is suppose to solve several problems in one unit, but it comes up short for us.

Minneapolis, MN


Animal Planet Retractable Pet Leash with Bag Holder

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