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Angel Care Baby Movement Monitor, Blue/White

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There is no price tag on baby's safety and Mommy's restfulness!


I love this monitor! It has given me peace of mind as my little girl sleeps. It definitely has increased my restfulness. Once you get the settings right, there are not many false alarms, though when she rolls all the way to one side of the bed, it may cause a false alarm. From what I can tell it is quite accurate, and the price is quite fair. This was a great purchase! I would recommend it for anyone with a newborn/infant. Definitely worth the money!


Harvey, LA


The Best


When my son was three weeks old he stopped breathing during his name. The Dr. recommended I get this for him. I got it and it is the best peace of mind I have ever had. He is nine months old and I still use it, just for peace of mind but it works 110%. I suggest everyone that has a baby get one.


Chesapeake, VA


New Parent? You MUST get AngelCare!


As a new parent, my wife and I checked on our son constantly throughout the night to see if he was okay.  Of course he was okay, but we didn't sleep at all.  The AngelCare helped us sleep again.  Now, in researching this item, I ran into 2 types of naysayers.  The first type are parents who say that this item preys on paranoid parents.  The second type are parents who say that constant false alarms or lack of alarms render this unit useless.  To address the first set of naysayers, SIDs is a pretty serious thing even though it only hits 6 out every 1000 children and is most serious before 6 months.  To me, the peace of mind one gets for those first 6 months is well worth the price ones pay for this unit.  In addition, I've read how others have used this monitor when they transition their children into toddler beds.  It helps the parent know when the child decides to get out of the bed and play instead of sleep without the parent having to constantly check a video monitor.  Now,to address the second set of naysayers.  Yes, it takes some calibration and patience when setting the sensitivity to this unit.   But it is possible.  Everyone's crib is different (we have an extra thick mattress).  I recommend first, following the directions when setting it up.  Then test various sensitivity and noting what settings are definitely to sensitive and what is definitely not sensitive enough.  Between those two values is the world you will live in and will have to adjust the sensitivity values within that world from time to time.  A few more detailed tips:  (i) for cribs w/ a spring based, get a piece of plywood to ensure that your sensing pad is on a flat surface; (ii) don't get a thick mattress like we did (we have a 2 stage mattress which can be later used as a toddler bed mattress); and (iii) check and adjust your sensitivity every time you change the sheets because shifting may affect the monitoring.  Again, the monetary cost and the time one has to take to fiddle with the settings is greatly outweighed by the monitoring benefit.    


Vallejo, CA


The Angel Care Baby Movement Monitor is a must have!!


14 years ago when I had my first daughter I remember many sleepless nights of checking to be sure she was breathing and hadn't gotten out of her crib.  When we decided to have another baby my in laws told me about this Angel Care Baby Movement Monitor and how they still use it for their 3-year-old.  We purchased the one with the two parent units so there can be a unit in our room as well as our oldest's room for extra ears on the baby.  We placed the mat on a broken down cardboard box as it does require a flat surface and then placed the mattress on top.  We rarely get false alarms as this monitor is super sensitive.  We have never experienced interference or static in either our 1500 square foot 3 story townhome or our 1100 square foot ranch.  I feel this should be a requirement for all new parents and whenever I am asked what is the one thing that I cannot live without as a parent I always respond with the Angel Care Baby Movement Monitor!


Mooresville, NC


Angel Care Monitor is Great!


I am the mother of a 4 year old and 7 month old.  With all of the info out on SIDS and based on recommendations from pediatricians, we would have never put our first child on her tummy to sleep.  However, when our 2nd baby refused to sleep anywhere but on her tummy, I was beside myself.  I didn't know how I could ever fall asleep knowing I was increasing her risk for SIDS by letting her sleep on her stomach.  A friend on mine told me about the Angel Care monitor, and I was able to sleep easily with my daughter sleeping on her stomach because of it.  When used properly and if you follow the instructions outlined in the manual, the monitor works great!  I remember the first night we used it, my husband and I stood over our baby's crib and she was sleeping so soundly she wasn't moving at all.  Then we looked over at the Angel Care mointor and saw the little green light blinking and we said, "Wow!  It really is picking up just her breathing!" I will admit we have had a couple of false alarms - now that my daughter rolls and moves all over the crib, the alarm does go off if she ends up "out of range" at the very top or very bottom of the crib - however, this is very rare.  I think the Angel Care monitor is great, especially for parents of preemies, but also for parents who just need that extra peace of mind!


Lancaster, SC


Love this baby monitor


The Angel Care Baby Movement Monitor really gave me peace of mind with my preemie who was only 5 lbs when we brought him home.  There are three pieces to this monitor - the sensor pad, the movement and sound monitor, and the receiving end.  Both the receiving end and the end in the baby's room have an ac adapter or use 3 AAA batteries.  When using batteries though, I suggest using rechargeables.  It only took 1 1/2 days for our batteries to go dead when on for 18 hours.  The only alarms we ever had with this monitor was when we forgot to it shut off after removing the baby from his crib.  The thing goes crazy with beeping and vibrating and often would vibrate itself right off the nightstand.  That got old pretty quick and after it happened a few times we always remembered. Our son moved around a lot in his crib and the only false beep we had would be when he wrapped himself in the corner.  Usually it would beep once and then he would move enough that it would sense his breathing and return to normal. Thank goodness we never had a true alarm situation. I would recommend this product to anyone with a baby.  I'm a pretty paranoid person and knowing that there was a sensor pad really helped to ease my mind.


Sycamore, IL


Wish we had had Angel Care with our first


We were unsure about buying this after we heard people had a lot of false alarms, but we found that installed correctly we didn't have issues.  We love this monitor, we love all the different settings, we love the thermometer (who knew?), we love the peace of mind it gives us. 


Denver, CO


A relief for this 1st time mom


My husband teases me about how I'll still have this thing under my daughter's mattress when she's ten years old!  As a first time mother I was terrified of SIDS. But knowing that the motion sensor in this monitor would detect any loss of movement was very comforting. We all slept better at night!  There have been a few times that the alarm has gone off, waking us all up. I'm relatively sure that this was just because my daughter had navigated to the far edge of her crib and her breathing didn't register on the sensor. But I'd rather be safe than sorry. We had to tweak the sensitivity a bit too. This was easy to do; just place the baby in the crib and then take her out a few times to see what setting works the best.  In addition to motion, this monitor will tell you the temperature in the room, and provide amplification of any noise. It also has an optional built in nightlight and a cute shape. I love that it has a long range too. I can take it the hand set out into my backyard and never have any loss of signal.  Overall I am grateful that this product provided has me with valuable peace of mind.


Santa Cruz, CA


A lifesaver!!


I did a lot of research on baby monitors before I finally decided on this one. I considered the more expensive video monitors but decided that it wasn't worth the extra money and I really liked the idea of a movement sensor. There's a flat sensor (about 12x12) the goes under the mattress. After 20 seconds of no movement an alarm goes off to alert you the baby may have stopped breathing. The sensor is VERY sensitive. You can adjust the sensitive if you are getting false alarms. It does take some trial and error to get it just right. We had a couple of false alarms when my son was little. He was curled up the corner away from the sensor. Even though it's frightening being woken up in the middle of the night to an alarm it was absolutely worth it to me. Especially when he was sick with a cold and all stuffed up. One night wasn't a false alarm. He stopped breathing and I ran into his room and picked him up and he gasped. Absolutely terrifying. This monitored very well may have saved his life. My sister had a new baby just a few months after me but she didn't have this monitor. Her baby spit up while laying on her back and nearly choked to death. Thankfully someone noticed and they were able to get her breathing again. I can't help but think how minimal the situation would have been if she was using this monitor.  Buy it. You won't regret it. Another nice feature is the monitor shows the temperature in the babies room. I didn't think it was useful at first but it was actually very handy.


Damascus, OR


Acceptable baby monitor. Movement sensor is not great.


We have this monitor for about 16 months now. And we are pretty pleased with it. I bought it because of the movement sensor. A little paranoid about SIDS. Started using it as soon as the baby came home and the sound portion is great. We had no problem with using it within our 1800sqft house, upstairs or downstairs. It has the AC plug for both sensor pad and the speaker portion. But the speaker also has battery compartment. We found out that the battery runs out pretty quickly if you keep it on almost 24hrs a day like we do. I want to say 3-4days the batteries will run out. So we ended up keeping the speaker plugged to the wall constantly and pump up the volume. No problem hearing the baby anywhere. Sometimes though the speaker would get some sort of a feedback from something around the house and we'd have to adjust the location a little bit and the feedback would be gone. Now, to the movement sensor. It's a great concept, BUT it doesn't cover the whole mattress. What I mean is, it works awesome if the baby is laying right on top of it. But once she moves to the edge of the mattress the sensor would not pick up movement and starts beeping like crazy. We've adjusted the sensitivity from least to most and it still does the same thing. We ended up unplugging the sensor pad around 8 months afterwards so we don't wake up 4 times at night to turn off the alarm. If your baby is not a roller yet, this sensor might be great. But if he/she rolls around at night like ours then this sensor might not be the best one out there.


Parma, MI


Angel Care Baby Movement Monitor, Blue/White

4.8 10