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67595 CSI-2E
Andis Ultra 2" High Temp Ceramic Flat Iron CSI-2E

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Good Value Flat Iron


This is a really great flat iron! I just got mine about a month ago and have not been disappointed. You can get these flat irons for a very fair price and they work great. I think they are completely worth their price. The iron heats up very fast and straightens hair very good. The plate is wide so you can straighten hair faster and get ready faster, which helps you save time. It is a durable flat iron that is not so flimsy that if you drop it, it breaks. It is a great size, easy to hold onto and easy to use. It has different heats that you can choose to put it on depending on your hair type, so that you can use the correct heat setting for your hair-type. Very good flat iron for a great price!!

Douglasville, GA


best straightener ever


I have used straighteners since they first came out on the market. Most have died out on me way too soon or doesnt get hot enough. I have had my fair share of good straighteners and really bad straighteners. The Andis straightener is the best straightener product by far. The heat settings go up to twenty but my family and I all use the number one setting. My mom was black and my mom indian and I received my dad hair so my hair is thin but frizzy. This product takes the frizz out smoothly and effortlessly. My daughter's hair is medium texture and thicker than mine and most hair straighteners damage her hair. Since using the Abndis, especially on the lowest setting, which is one. Her hair ahs no damage at all. It is now soft, sleek, and healthier than it has ever been without her going to a hair salon. My granddaughters have black hair and relaxers and have fairly thick hair, and this straightener even works excellent on their hair also. My point is....the Andis straightener works on all hair types and it is a lot less harsh and harmful on hair. I highly recommnded this product. HIGHLY!!!!!

Chapel Hill, NC


This is great!


This i am really impressed with. Mainly because it doesnt catch hair between the cracks and snag and pull and ruin hair like so many other styling irons do! This straightener is unbelievable awesome! Although i must state here that after being used for a while it tends to make abuzzing noise that i dont like very much. Its not loud or anything, just i can hear it so it bugs me. It heats up VERY fast and im really impressed with it because it has an amazing thing u can hold and not hurt your fingers its like rubber at the end of it. PLUS its about 2 inches wide and it is ALSO simple to sotre because it has a locking shut feature which i am using right now! This makes hair striaght and is everything a hair straightener should be PLUS the gripy thing that allowd the user to touch it and not get their fingers burnt! I would recomend this to people and i have already! Buy this one its really great!

Puyallup, WA


Andis Ultra 2" High Temp Ceramic Flat Iron CSI-2E

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