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Andis T-Edjer 15430

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T- Edger - Best Edger on market


Ok, I am not a licensed baber but I cut hair on the side. The styles of hair cuts that I gave are mostly urband styles, mean nice sharp edge ups and think beards and side burns. I am coming from the Wahl detailer trimmer. The T-Edger 15430 exceeds in in every detail possible. The shape of it is very well though out, it is more thicker in the middle therefore it will contour to your hand and give you that perfect feel and grip while you are cutting. The weight is 6 pounds being the perfect weight for a outliner , its heavy enough to not loose and control and light enough to not weigh your hand down. The motor is very powerful and surprisingly very quiet, one of the most quiestest liners out. The blade is very precise and cuts very close to the skin. The blade is long and also thin so cuts a bigger area in faster time. Ive also notice this blade does not get as hot as the wahl blade did. Not sure aobut the retail price but I ordered mine from amazon.com for 46.41 and that is a great price for the product it is. I recommend this to barbers or anyone that like to keep their facial hair nice and neat. The only negative I can think of is that its black and my other equipment is silver

Naugatuck, CT


Andis T-Edjer 15430

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