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Andis High Heat 1-1/2" Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron

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Used for years


I have been using Andis flat irons for a couple of years now and I usually get the 1 1/2 inch size. I love that the flat iron gets pretty hot but I do have a problem with it starting to get cold before I can even finish flat ironing my whole head sometimes. My hair isn't that long, about shoulder length so it says alot that it gets cold about half way through my head since it's not like I have alot of hair to flat iron in the first place. Other than that I am pretty satisfied with the Andis flat iron, especially given that it was very cheap and affordable. I also love the size because it's not too bulky. I have owned several of these flat irons, and own two now and they have yet to give out on me. I have had to buy a new one before but that was only because the first one I bought broke due to my mom being careless with it. I'm no professional but I'd say this flat iron gets the job done like I want and it straightens my hair to my satisfaction without getting it too straight or damaging my hair.

Eustis, FL


Andis Flat Iron is the only one I would use.


I recently got my haircut short and had to invest in a flat iron.  I went to look for one and bought a Andis 1 1/2 inch Flat Iron.  I absolutely love it.  I love how fast it heats up and how nice it straights my hair.  I use it on my daughters hair to and love the way it works on her hair too.  I also like how it does not over heat.  I love the differant heat settings too.  I love how easy it is to travel with because it locks togother flat.  I do a lot of traveling and do not need something that takes up a lot of room.  I have not had a problem with keeping it clean but, I do not use a lot of hair product so that may be why.  I love it and would recommend it to anyone.  Everyone who has used it say  they love it and want to get one.  They think it is the best Flat iron they have used.  I thought the price was very reasonable for the product.  I would say it is definitely salon quality. 

Gladstone, MI


The andis 1 1/2" Ceramic flat iron would work good on hair.


The Ceramic flat iron would be a great way to fix your hair. It will make it so straight and smooth. Will make your hair so shiny! I have a flat iron with really thick hair and frizzy hair that makes my hair so striaght.

Camden, TN


Love this straightener!


I love this straightener so much, I would highly highly recommend it to anyone. I mean, for the low price that it cost, it definitely does not lack in the quality department, it works great on my hair, and my hair is thick and long, and isn't the easiest hair to try to style. You can't really compare this to t top brand name straightener, because it would not equal to be the same, but like I said, for the price of it, its pure perfection. I bought mine a couple years ago at wal mart, and it has yet to let me down. With my kind of hair, I can't afford to go with out styling my hair, its chaos! Just crazy crazy crazy!! This item doesn't pull your hair or scorch it, its very gentle. Gives a very very smooth performance, and doesn't look to bad either. Its black and sleek, and I take it everywhere with me. I don't really know what else to say about it beside that I love it and I think you should buy one. 

Ponca City, OK


This Andis flat iron really works very well.


I was looking for a flatiron that would smooth out my extremely curly, long hair without breaking the budget. With all my long hair I was able to achieve super straight hair in roughly 40 minutes. It really got hot, and I had to be careful not to burn my hands when I touched my hair. Before I had a cheap straightener which I bought in a drugstore. It took a while to heat up and broke my hair off. With this straightener, my hair looks so smooth and it doesn't damage my hair. I have also used this on my daughter's hair. Her hair is thick and course, but once I was finished doing her hair with the Andis flat iron, her hair was thin and straight.

Oaklyn, NJ


Andis High Heat 1-1/2" Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron

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