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Andersen Storm Doors

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Poor quality control


I bought the Anderson 3000 at Home Depot.The door came out of the box with scratches. Supposed to have a protective plastic sheeting over the metal parts, but that was not present. Response from Anderson was to send me a bottle of paint for me to use. It did not do a good job. The screen does not tight to the frame, so there is a lot of sag in it.There were some installation issues that were not well explained in the instructions; had to go to third-party websites for helpful instructions (Anderson videos are useless). The door handle came in the box with the door with Anderson instructions. After a long and exasperating effort, I looked at the door instructions and they differed from those in the box. The directions in with the handle indicate that a notch on the apparatus should point down, but the instructions for installing the door indicate that the notch should point to the side. So, incorrect instructions came with the hardware! Once installed, the handle turns straight up (from inside or out) even though it opens only when the handle is turned down. The handle will not lock so that it only turns down (to open). I wondered if there was a problem with the handle since the handle on the display model at Home Depot has a little lever that keeps the handle from going up unless the lever is pushed up. I went to HD to find out if I got the wrong product. I had to talk to 5 people, each time explaining what the problem was. The first 4 said they would talk to Anderson and call me the next day, but no calls. With the last HD guy, The Anderson response was, that is that the way the 3000 handle works. But, the 3000 model on display at Home Depot does NOT work that way, as the lever works to lock the handle from going up. Total frustration

Hudson, WI


Defective retainer strips that hold glass panel


The door looks ok, but it has become unsafe. The retainer strips no longer hold the glass and the company (Andersen) does not provide new ones.



Anderson retractable screen door 3000 series sn#0016506794


This ranks as one of worst products i have ever purchased. 1 out of 5 stars is rating this door to high.The window will not stay latched and opens on its own. The screen will not stay in its track, and will not stay fastened to the glass panel. Also the plastic trim between the glass panels is warped. The replacement part is $21.00. And will warp again. I will not warranty this door, or ever purchase another Anderson product. Tried to include a picture, but couldn't do it.

Billings Montna


Summarize this product in one sentence.


We got our doors replaced in Nov. 2011, front and back doors, and the storm doors were Anderson. The model we chose was the "hiding screen" type, one of their more expensive ones. It has a door closer mechanism only on the bottom of the door. This door STINKs-- and the company's customer service is even worse. We've already gone through 3 brackets that attach the back door closer to the door frame-- they keep warping or bending out of shape, and eventually the door doesn't close properly (our front door gets used far less often-- like maybe 10% as much-- so up to now, we haven't had the same problem with the front). We lived in the this house for 21 years with the cheaper-looking storm door that was on the house when we bought it, and we never had this same problem even once. And we don't have teenaged boys who are throwing the door open violently or anything like that-- currently it's just my wife, myself and our 90-pound, 15-year old daughter in the house. When I called Anderson and tried to get them to give us credit for this door if I'd buy the more expensive model that has closers on the top and bottom of the door (figuring this would not have the same problem), they transferred me from one foreign-based customer service person to another and simply refused to do anything for me, other than sending us a "one-time" additional replacement bracket. Since we already had 3 of those brackets fail on us, I declined this offer, told them I was a very dissatisfied customer, and hung up. I would NEVER buy another Anderson product again under ANY circumstances!! I can only thank heaven that we went with a different brand of replacement windows last year and did NOT get Anderson brand windows in this house! It's one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had in my 54-year life.



High priced. Self-store screen/storm is a disaster!


I am ninety years old so the self-store screen/storm feature seemed made to order for me. I could adjust storm and screen features without having to call on a man. I bought two doors and enjoyed them for one season. At the end of this spring the self-store mechanism no longer worked on one door and was failing on the second. The screen comes loose from its track and bunches up so that it no longer rolls up. The door no longer permits any adjustment of its screen or storm window! I protested to the company by phone and letter. Finally, after weeks of haggle, they sent me a replacement mechanism. Now I have to find someone to install it, and will soon have to go through the same procedure for the second door. Do not be seduced by the seeming convenience of being able to raise and lower the screen or storm window. The mechanism will fail after minimum use and neither retailer nor Anderson will accept any responsibility for your loss!

Portsmouth, RI


not so great


I thought it would be a good idea to spend the extra money and buy a well known brand. The problem is when you lower the glass the built in screen rolls down from inside the door, well mine ripped after about 2 uses.

Newburgh, NY


Andersen Storm Doors

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