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Anco - Anco Contour Wiper Blades

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Cheaper & so far doing a great job.


The only reason I got the Anco Contour Wiper Blades was that they were on sale and my old wiper blades were in bad need of being replaced. I have had these on my car for about three months now and they are still are working as great today as the day I bought them. Easy to follow instructions for installations that you can do yourself. Why pay for someone to put wiper blades on when you can do it yourself not to mention that most places that put them on for your charge a price for the wiper blades that is extremely high, usually ending up costing more than double. Save your self the money and do it yourself it will be a lot quicker and save you a good amount of cash that you can use for more important things like ghost pepper hot sauce. I am not sure how long they will last but seem to be holding up well as there is no signs of dry rot in them or any cracking. I am hoping they last me at least a year, anything after that I will just consider that a bonus.


Suffolk, VA


Dissatisfied with use on both my vehicles


These are horrible wipers. I don't usually give in to the latest craze, but seeing this style utilized on the newer VW, Mercedes and Jaguars I decided it must be an improvement. I found these not to work well in any scenario. The curve is not solid enough to make complete contact with the windscreen and gets worse over 50 Mph. At freeway speeds, their useless. The usable range at a stop light is 2" shy of each tip of the wipers increasing to 4-5" at freeway speeds. They also lift off the windscreen at speed and leave huge areas un-wiped. Huge safety issue. Not having a support system at the ends means no matter how strong of a arm spring you use makes no difference at the tips. They also cost twice as much as the "tried & trued" conventional blades. Yes, the conventional style isn't perfect, even a pain in ice/snow, but can be remedied with long known techniques. You will make a big mistake giving in to these. Definitely not worth the extra money. I originally bought these for my 05+ Toyota Tacoma and experienced the lifting and un-wiped areas. I returned them for the premium Anco. Since I thought it was just the vehicle, I tried them out on my 05 Hyundai Accent. This is where the tips could not hold the windscreen. Returned that set as well.


Grand Forks, ND


Anco - Anco Contour Wiper Blades

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