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Ancient Minerals
Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil

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i absolutely love this product. i use this every single night before i go to bed. i spray about six sprays on my back and neck and then follow that with some coconut oil to cut the itch. after spraying this on your skin be aware that it can cause some minor itching which is normal. that is why i put on some coconut oil on top. or you could try and put it on your feet. it helps when i have sore muscles and with headaches. with foods not as nutrient dense as they once where, they lack some of the vitamins and minerals, magnesium is one of those, they say 80 % of americans are magnesium deficient!! so it is an important item for me to always have. you could also add this to a bath or a foot soak. that would also help with the itch. magnesium oil is good for detoxification and depression. i also love this spray because magnesium is poorly absorbed orally. applied transdermally is ideal for proper absorbtion.



Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil keeps me at my peak


Being a health conscious person not only involves the food I eat, but the way I treat my body as well. I exercise on a regular basis, and often times push my body to it's limits in doing so. After the really tough workouts I go home and give myself a thorough rub down with the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, concentrating on the muscles I know are going to hurt the worst the next day. Prior to using this product, my recovery time would be 3-4 days and sometimes even 5 days in between when I could work the same muscle groups. Now that I have this, I don't even think twice about alternating every other day. Not only that, but the chronic tendonitis in my shoulders is a thing of the past. The only options I used to have for that was either a cortisone shot from my doctor, or just decreasing my mobility for a couple of weeks while icing periodically... both options were not exactly thrilling. It was great to find out that just one product was essentially able to "multi-task". After having such a positive experience, I started reading about other things the Ancient Minerals can help with and was surprised to see such an extensive list. I've used it on everything from my scalp for dandruff, to my feet after walking too far in flip flops (blisters, ouch!). I dilute it in my waterpik for my gums and teeth, have put it on my dogs skin rash... I've even started using their Magnesium Gel on my face every night and my skin has never been better! Best money I've ever spent on a health product! **PS: I'd be careful with where you use it though... even though I use it on my face, it burns/itches quite a bit. I've just weighed the pros and cons and figure it is a lot less to endure than some of the things women out there go through for beauty (i.e. Chemical Peels, Botox, etc)

Tracy, CA


Natures Health Restorer


Due to my having a condition referred to as "malabsorbtion", I began having severe spasms in both of my hands. These spasms would actually draw up and twist my fingers. I also had nonstop spasms in my forearms, back, neck, & shoulders. I tried using prescriptions for muscle spasms but they did nothing to alleviate my spasms. I began researching the internet to find out what was actually causing these spasms. I prefer natural solutions that treat the problem over prescriptions. After reading and comparing many different websites on mineral deficiencies I found that cellular magnesium levels are uniquely separate from magnesium blood levels. Physician routine testing only covers blood levels. I found that the purest and most readily absorbed magnesium is found in the Zechstein Seabed in Europe. The Ancient Minerals brand that I researched has the purest Magnesium Chloride available. After using this product three times a day by spraying it on the painful areas, I no longer have spasms in my hands, forearms, shoulders, or back. I got almost immediate relief from my pain also. The spasm in my neck is at least 75% gone. Since it took 24 years of 8-10 hours a day sitting at a computer to build up my neck spasms, I think one month of using this product has shown excellant results. If you suffer from muscle spasms I would greatly recommend this product.  

Goshen, IN


Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil

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