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Anbesol Cold Sore Treatment

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don't waste your money on this


I bought Anbesol Maximum Strength Cold Sore Treatment for a recent cold sore I had. To say the very least I was not very impressed.  The only benefit that this treatment had was that it temporarily numbed my lip. It left a white, chalky film on my lip that drew even more attention to my cold sore than need be. Also, my healing time was not reduced whatsoever.  When I spend money on a product, I expect that it will work. I only tried the Anbesol Maximun Strength Cold Sore Treatment because the cost was significantly lower than other, more popular name brands.  I really pretty quickly that there was a reason for the cheaper price. The quality was terrible!  In the future I will definitely spend the extra money and buy the vitimin Lisine, which tends to do much better than this product did. I was very dissapointed, as Anbesol is known to make great oral care products. Oh well, lesson learned!

Clayton, NC


Anbesol Cold Sore Treatment

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