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Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie

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Very Veggie Delicious


I love the entire Amy's line of foods and this one is great.  I love the mixture of the veggies with the soft pie crust and the fact that it is vegetarian is great.  This comes in the perfect size for a tasty meal, though I would love lower calories.  The veggies have a lot of flavor and the meal is easy to make.  I love how the pie crust doesn't get mushy in the microwave.  This is great to take to work, or serve for dinner.


Las Vegas, NV


A great vegetarian quick meal


I often bring these pot pies with me to the office for an easy lunch. 5 minutes and I have a tasty meal that is vegetarian, whole wheat-based and full of tofu and vegetables. I'm hooked on these little pies. They also offer a vegan version. Lots of peas, carrots, and potatoes in the pie and it isn't too saucy. You can taste the rosemary in the sauce and they always taste fresh, even though they are frozen. I also love that they are packed in carboard instead of plastic. The box also recycles!!


Emmett, ID


Delicious ~ comfort food that's good for you !


We have used the Amy's brand products for a long time and enjoy most all of them, but the organic Vegetable Pot Pie is our favorite.  Comfort foods we enjoyed as children aren't always very healthy so finding something that fits BOTH the healthy label and the comfort food label is outstanding !!  Very tasty ~ Best baked in oven or toaster oven rather than microwave


Savannah, GA


Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie

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