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Amy's Shepherd's Pie

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Amy's Shepherd's pie is delicious and low calorie snack.


I've been eating this for years and never get tired of it. It is only 2 weight watchers points, which is very low. However, it is not enough for a meal; I need to eat it with soup or use it as a snack. Fortunately, it is low enough in fat and calories to make a good snack. I have never been tempted to go back to the meat version of this dish. I'm also pretty content with the nutritional content - i.e. the protein. It heats up in the microwave quickly and easily. Unlike other dishes, I have never been tempted to heat it in a toaster or conventional over to improve the flavor. However, if you try to heat it with the wrap on, it gets a bit messy. You might want to use another kind of cover if that bothers you.

Rego Park, NY


A Healthy Convenience Food


The first time I bought Amy's Kitchen Shepherds Pie, I was traveling and incredibly sick of soup and burritos and decided to splurge on a better quality food item. I thought it was pretty tasty. The filling was better than average but I wouldn't say excellent; it was a little too liquidy. The mashed potato topping was wonderful. I've bought this item a few times since then, as it is available on my college campus. I usually buy it when I'm sick of campus foods or I'm craving mashed potatoes. It is incredibly acidic, however, and I find that eating it usually results in heartburn, and I'm not usually sensitive to acidic foods. It is made of mainly organic ingredients, is vegan, and is overall a pretty healthy food item, especially for a convenience food. It is a little expensive, but it's a good item to pick up when on sale. I do not recommend to those sensitive to acidic foods.

Bloomington, IN


The Good Shepherd('s Pie)!


To my own list of "*Glorious Moments I have Missed*" must be added that I have never tasted a real Shepherd's Pie so it is difficult for me to assess how this version "*made with organic vegetables*" measures up to the original favorite.  What I do know is that my first taste of *Amy's Shepherd's Pie topped with Organic Mashed Potatoes* was ... if not glorious ... then a pretty darned satisfying experience.  The secret here is not only the excellent mashed potato crust but also the use of vegetables which are chunky and provide a great texture and flavor. The contents of this 8 oz. package is one serving which contains 160 calories with 35 calories from fat.  There are four grams total fat, zero each saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol, 590 mg. sodium, 27 grams total carbs, and five grams each dietary fiber, sugars, and protein.  Vitamins and minerals look good with 50% (D.V.) Vitamin A, 30% Vitamin C, 10% Calcium, and 15% Iron.  This entree is a Kosher product, non-dairy, gluten free, and contains no meat, added MSG, preservatives, or bioengineered ingredients.  Most of what IS in this is organic and includes:  potatoes, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, filtered water, mushrooms, celery, onions, leeks, carrots, turnips, safflower oil, spices, sea salt, garlic, and black pepper. **TASTE TIP:** Although this is a nutritious well-balanced dish, like most frozen entrees it just doesn't seem filling enough by itself.  With my Amy's Shepherd's Pie, I also ate a fresh tomato and some golf-ball sized Driscoll Strawberries for dessert.  **Talk about glorious experiences!**    

Oak Park, IL


Amy's Shepherd's Pie

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