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Amy's Breakfast Burrito

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Absolutely amazing


Amy's Breakfast Burrito is simply fantastic. Potatoes, tofu, vegetables, black beans, and salsa are wrapped in an organic wheat tortilla to create a product that cannot be considered anything less than fantastic. It's a bit too acidic/spicy for me to eat for breakfast, but it makes a wonderful lunch. I thought that after going vegan I wouldn't be able to eat frozen burritos anymore, but Amy's has proved me wrong. It is not something only vegetarians enjoy either. I know several omnivores who agree that this product is amazing. I would definitely recommend it.

Bloomington, IN


Only in California could someone have thought up this.


Out there in the sunny realm of California, where people ladle fresh salsa over their scrambled eggs and omelets, somebody at Amy's Kitchen in Petaluma has come up with an edible to brighten up the A.M. -- *Amy's Breakfast Burrito made with Organic Black Beans and Tomatoes*.  This treat is a tad bland compared to the terrific cheddar burrito I reviewed yesterday, yet it is an excellent breakfast choice.  This non-dairy, Kosher product's organic ingredients include:  tofu, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, black beans, bell peppers, sea salt, garlic, spices and jalapeno peppers.  The six-ounce burrito is one serving which contains 250 calories with 70 calories from fat, seven grams total fat, half a gram saturated fat, zero trans fat and cholesterol, 540 mg. sodium, 38 grams total carbs, five grams dietary fiber, four grams sugars, and nine grams protein to say nothing of 4% (D.V.) Vitamin A, 10% Vitamin C, 6% Calcium and 20% Iron.  **TASTE TIP:** Don't overheat.  A glass of Simply Orange juice and a cup of coffee go beautifully with this.    

Oak Park, IL


Amy's Breakfast Burrito

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