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Amway SA8 Premium with Bioquest Laundry Detergent

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Amway is the ONLY laundry detergent I'll ever use!


I started using Amway about 34 years ago when I first moved out of my parents' house. (At the time I was also selling it). I have since gotten "out" of Amway (no longer selling it). I've continued to buy it, and for years wondered how effective it really was. Once when our washer needed to be repaired, the repairman mentioned that we must use Amway soap (we ALWAYS have). I asked him how he knew & he said because the drum & other components were in such clean condition. Also, when our son moved out of the house to live with another family (he's disabled), we noticed that his socks seemed gray after a few weeks compared to the ones we still had for him at our house. (They DON'T use Amway). So, my reasons for buying Amway have been confirmed several times, in different ways. I LOVE that you only need 1/4 cup per load. I buy the biggest box they sell (55#) & it will last me about 8-10 months & I do AT LEAST 7-8 loads a week. So I am VERY happy with my Amway detergent. Also, it doesn't "smell" as strongly as most other detergents do. I can't even stand to go down the detergent aisle in the grocery store for the strong smell! AND it's biodegradable, so we can drain our washer into our well to water the plants outside our home (we have "city" water inside the house) and we know it won't hurt ANYTHING! Since I have no problem planning ahead, it's not an inconvenience to order it. But we DO have to save up to buy it. In the long run, however, it is MUCH cheaper, I'm sure, than any other detergent!

Pueblo, CO


Well worth a try


Almay SA8 Premium with Bioquest concentrated laundry detergent was a savior to me when I lived in a foreign country and could find little in English, let alone for skin as sensitive to detergents as I am.  It was cheaper overseas than at home too, which was a bonus.  I used only this for over two years, and enjoyed it immensely, considering the fact that the tap water I had to wash with was not sanitary, and that was  bad enough to worry about without having to use a poor clothing soap.  I had to use washing machines that were not of the highest quality, that did not rinse soap or dirt out very well, so I was comforted knowing that if detergent was still in my clothes after the cycle, at least it didn't bother my sensitive skin in any way.  When I broke out, I could at least rule out my clothing soap as being the cause.  You only need to use a little of it for it to go a long way, so it was economical, despite the higher price. 

Fairfield, VA


Awesome for sensitive skin


I like saving money, but I also like having clean clothing and healthy skin.  Unfortunately much of the detergent commonly on sale at the supermarket, though budget-friendly, irritates the living daylights out of my sensitive skin.  I decided to try the Amway SA8 detergent after hearing good things from coworkers - who also have sensitive skin along with some family members.  At first I balked at the price of the detergent a bit - it is considerably more expensive than your average All or Tide detergent.  However, the large size of Amway detergent lasts a long time!  You don't use very much product per load, especially in my case as I have a smaller, stackable washer/dryer unit in my apartment.  There is some scent to the "light" detergent - not much - but it's there.  It does not irritate my skin like most scented detergents.  I have also tried the accompanying "delicate" wash and fabric softener and was impressed with those as well.

Bethlehem, PA


Amway SA8 Premium with Bioquest Laundry Detergent

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