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Amsafe Inc. Airplane Seat Belt Extenders

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God bless whoever thought this up!


When I wrote a previous review about a 2007 "Spring Break" trip on United Airlines, I gave them a lot of richly deserved credit but also took issue with the length of their seat belts.  I mentioned that I could not get mine closed at all and that the relatively slender young man who had been traveling next to me had not even bothered to try to buckle his for the take-off.  I must admit that it was very humiliating to have to call this problem to the attention of the flight attendants so that they could resolve the problem for me with an extender and so for my "Spring Break" flight **this** year, I was determined to be ready and packing my very own *Amsafe Airplane* *Seat Belt Extender*.  This gadget is available from LivingXL.com (1-800-535-7639).  It has worked out beautifully and starting at $59.95 was worth the money.  By buckling this into the installed seat belts on each side, suddenly I had enough seat belt to strap another person in with me (interesting thought!)  These seat belt extenders are designed according to FAA-approved specifications that airlines use and come in four models: **Model A** ($59.95) which fits the current design used on United, American, Northwest, Delta, Continental, and Alaska Airlines (and many other carriers.)  **Model B** ($59.95) which fits Southwest Airlines and some small business jets. **Model C** ($69.95) which fits Alaska Airlines, certain older, charter, and smaller commuter aircraft, business jets and private aircraft, and ... **Model D** ($89.95) which fits Grumman Gulfstreams, Cessna Citations, some older and smaller commuter aircraft, plus business jets and private aircraft. **The Bottom Line** The purchase of Model A turned out to be a worthwhile investment because, sure enough, I could not get my seat belt buckled on the flight from ORD to LAX this year and was prepared to use the extender again on the way back but this story has a happy ending -- when I boarded the same model of airplane for the return trip, I found a plane which was not new but which was fitted out with what appeared to be newer seat belts.  There I was -- armed with my own seatbelt extender -- and now I had no need for it as the plane's seat belts fitted beautifully with what seemed like an extra foot of belt to spare.  Perhaps someone at United is listening to what we customers have to say or maybe the attendants noted the problems that people were having and alerted the powers-that-be who are in charge of such decisions.  Whatever the reason, I'm grateful for the new seat belts on some of the planes but am going to continue to pack my own seat belt extender along, just in case.        

Oak Park, IL


Amsafe Inc. Airplane Seat Belt Extenders

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