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Amphion - Mediaworks DVD Player

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One solid DVD player


This one is definitely a keeper in the DVD player category.  It is solidly built, with an all-metal finish surface. It plays almost every dvd disc I've thrown in.  The picture is smooth and the sound is extraodinary.  The one thing I like the most about this DVD player is that it continuously plays mpg files without any hiccups. It plays all the mpg files I burned on DVD discs so far. The remote control is well designed and very responsive. Unlike other player's remote, you don't need to point it directly to the player. You could hit the buttons on the remote aimlessly and the player still responds. This player also plays jpgs files that are burned on dvdr(w)s or cdr(w)s. You could play the pictures in slide shows or you could play that ones that you liked. You could also rotate pictures as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a display on the front of the player. However, you could get all the info on the tv screen. Another bad thing is that it doesn't have component or hdmi ouputs. It has the standard rca and S-video outputs. Overall, I think this one is a great player even though it is sort of outdated at this point.

New York, NY


Amphion - Mediaworks DVD Player

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