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Amla tin Xl Moisturizing Lotion 5.6 oz./c

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Amlactin xl is great for dry,bumpy skin, but give ittime and you


keritosis runs in ourr family. it is usually a childhood skin problem that goes away with age. but ours doesnt. my sister,my 10 yr old daughter,and i have it. my 2 year old is also showing signs of it. our insurance wouldnt pay for prescription ammonium lactate , so our derrmatologist recommended Amlactin XL. she said its the same thing as prescription but more affordable for people whose insurance wont pay for it. it softens the skin and makes the appearance of the bumps less noticeable and in some cases it disappears altogether. It does take time for it to work but it is worth the wait.you will have noticeable differences right away in the softness of your skin and  in time the way your skin looks. its a great product to use when every other moisturizer has failed.

Troy, OH


Amla tin Xl Moisturizing Lotion 5.6 oz./c

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