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Amerisleep Colonial Mattress

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Best Mattress Ever Created!


I grew up playing sports and weight training so day in and day out my body would be extremely tired and worn out. I am a versatile person and I expect the same in a mattress. I slept on every type of mattress possible and could never find the support for my back and spine while have the soft feel. Then the day came, I found amerisleep online and once I received my mattress I thought it was created by the Mattress GODS!!!! The first night I slept on my Colonial mattress I woke up with more energy and alertness then before. I didn't even need my two fans on my body and face because I didn't wake up mid sweat, I almost couldn't believe that I actually slept cool in a mattress! If you are looking for a mattress with Great Support, Soft Feel, Support for your back/spine/hips/shoulders, Cool sleep, Amerisleep is the way to go!!!!



Not what I was looking for


Bed hurts my back more then ever. I find myself tossing and turning all night and can't get comfortable when I wanted to return it they said it takes awhile to break in. Ugh guys, I can't explain how frustrated I've been about this. I am trying to sell it online to help towards the purchase of a different mattress

Los Angeles, CA




I love my colonial mattress! I've had it for about two months now and I sleep through the night- EVERY night! I have had restless sleep and I was always waking up with shoulder and hip pain. Now, I'm well rested and don't have pain in the morning! I should have done this years ago!

Los Angeles, CA


Amerisleep Colonial Mattress

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