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American Standard
American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet

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Solid toilet


Our house has these toilets in one of the bathrooms, and it is a pretty good one. It gets the job done, although it has some drawbacks. The biggest complaints that I have relate to the seat. For one, the seat is only attached to the toilet by two plastic bolts with plastic wing nuts. They cannot be tightened enough to stay tight, so they gradually work their way loose. Once they begin to loosen, the entire toilet seat begins to slide from side to side when you sit down or stand up. I need to tighten them every six months or so to get it to stay on place. The other complaint that I have with the seat is that it is not very comfortable to sit on. Particularly if you are sitting for more than a minute or two, it is very uncomfortable on the back of your legs, and it can make your legs go to sleep much faster than other toilets that I have used. However, other than these two problems, this toilet does work quite well.



American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet

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