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American Plastic Toys
American Plastic Toys My Very Own Nursery


This nursery has everything needed for your little one to take good care of her baby doll, including a crib, storage shelf and cupboard, a feeding chair and even a sink. The set also includes a mobile with colorful character decals, a fork, spoon, plate, sippy cup and play baby powder dispenser. Packaged in a colorful,corrugated carton with full color litho label.

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All in One!!


My daughter got this for he birthday when she was 3. It's a great addition to all if her baby doll accessories! And it's all in one!! She loves playing with all aspects of it. The size is perfect for her! We are 100% satisfied with this purchase!

Wapello, Iowa


Baby doll play set


I purchased this baby furniture playset for my daughter for Christmas last year, when she was three. She was just starting to play more with her dolls like a real baby, since she was going to have a sister. I enjoy how all of the things needed where on one piece; the place for the baby to sleep and the highchair attached. This makes it super easy for her to play with and takes up less space than if I had several different pieces. The colors are perfect two because she loves pink and purple. It came with instructions to put together and my husband put it together fairly quickly, although I think he may have missed a few steps. The toy itself is a little flimsy, but my daughter doesn't know the difference. It serves its purpose and was not very expensive.

Ausin, TX


cool but not tough


My very own nursery is priced fairly and it's a good idea however it is not made of very tough plastics. I had a heck of a time getting it put together. It was in quite a lot of pieces and the smaller parts came on plastic square things I had to cut apart to get them out. A lot of the pieces I cut out ended up with sharp barbs sticking off it. I filed them down and trimmed them up so they didn't poke the kids. The directions were okay but I did end up putting it together correctly after some time. My daughter loved it and spent a lot of time playing with it. It has a sink crib and feeding chair so she did get more use out of it then some other doll accessories she has had. It is pretty cheap and flimsy but thus far nothing has broken. The mobile included falls off a lot and made my daughter upset so she threw it away. I have seen other brands selling basically the same thing for twice as much money so I think the price is very fair. I can't see spending a fortune for a baby doll so I was happy paying the price for it. My kids have used this for hours and hours. They like the sink and cupboard a lot. They pretend to do dishes and like storing their babies diapers in the cupboards. I would recommend this because it is priced fair and serves its purpose. For little girls who enjoy playing with baby dolls Will love this. It's also fairly small Even thought it has three different functions. I like that my daughter can have this in her bedroom without taking up much space. She puts all her doll stuff right in the crib part when she is finished and it keeps all her doll stuff in one place. I would recommend based on the price and that it has been used heavily in my house and nothing Has broken. I'm sure it will still be intact when my kiddos outgrow their use for it. I would recommend it but suggest putting it together before gifting it because it does take a while to get it together.



Cute, but flimsy and cheaply made.


I purchased this American Plastics My little nursery for a friend's child to play with when she comes over. It came disassembled in a large box, so I figured I would whip it together and have it all set up in no time. However, that is not the case. The directions were less helpful than I had hoped. There are a lot of pieces, that have to fit together just right and in some cases they just don't because of cheap material or wrong cuts or other kinds of warehouse assembly line defects. I did manage to get it together two hours and a mild headache later. One it was put together I noticed that it was a little flimsy. The doors and moveable parts had to be moved just right or very gently in order to not twist them or pull them off. Not exactly what you're looking for in a toy for toddlers and preschool aged children. The toy itself wasn't too incredibly expensive, it was actually priced pretty well. Or it would have been had the toy lasted longer than three weeks. It got played with but , the flimsy construction of the whole unit paired with the cheap plastic didn't hold up to a couple toddlers. It's a cute toy, the colors are bright and vibrant and it has a good sir to it, it just is made out of not so great material. If it was reinforced better or the plastic was just a little bit stronger then it would of been a better deal. The kids got a few good play sessions out if it, but not really enough to justify the cost of replacing it. I would consider buying another one if American Plastics upped their quality just a little bit, so the toy wasn't falling apart as soon as the kids fell in love with it.



Cheaply Made but still pretty cool


Both my daughter and her cousin who is 3 months older had many American Plastics toys, including this one, My Very Own Play Nursery. The girls spent a lot of time together so I've seen how this held up with two very different children. My daughter is very easy on her toys. She doesn't climb on them or try to rip them apart. Because of this, here Play Nursery still looked brand new when I gave it to Purple Heart. It brought her hours of fun, there are lots of different things to do to keep little minds interested. I personally like that it was a fairly compact toy, lots crammed into a not giant toy. My daughter's bedroom isn't huge so I appreciate that. Now, the one the girls played with at my sister in laws house was a different story. My niece is a very different child from mine. She is like a little tank. She destroys everything. This toy actually made it a good long while before she started to dismantle it, save for the mobile. She ripped that off almost immediately. Overall, I think this is a nice toy. It's very inexpensive, so even if you have a destroyer at least it's not a fortune going down the drain. I like the bright colors and the functionality.

Southfield, MI


American Plastic Toys My Very Own Nursery

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