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American Lawn Mower
American Lawn Mower Company 18" Reel Mower

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Fun and refreshing


The American Lawn Mower Company 18 inch Reel Mower is my favorite for cutting the lawn. I know some may think its silly and exhausting, but I enjoy using it. Maybe its because of the workout/exercise you get or the old fashioned appeal of it, but I prefer it over more modern and complicated machines. It is super simple to use and really does do a good job of cutting the grass down to a reasonable level. It is fun for my kids to use too and they have a good time whenever they have this as a chore. It is a sturdy, long-lasting cutter and we have had no problems or complications with ours. When this one dies on us or gets too old, or rusty we will be purchasing another. Performance Great! Leaves grass short and fresh and lasts depending on your grass, weather, etc. Handling Simple, easy and practical. Durability Ours has lasted for years. Safety Just keep away from the blades and you are good. Ease of Use Really simple and fun to use. An enjoyable workout.

Minneapolis, MN


Perfect tool


I HATE gas lawn mowers and the electric type are such a pain to deal with. Both are far heavier than they need to be and take up a lot of space to store. Not so this little gem! I have had several reel-type mowers over the years and they have all had their pros and cons. This is my favorite of all of them. It is VERY lightweight for a mower. It is compact and easy to store. I let my 10 year old mow the lawn to her heart's content knowing that the likelihood of her becoming injured is next to zero. (I think you would have to try very hard to hurt yourself on this puppy!) We have a rather smallish lawn, but there is a lot of landscaping to get around and it is ten times easier with this mower than I would even attempt with a gas mower. Performance With some reel-type mowers you find that the grass gets pushed down rather than cut. I have not had that problem with this mower. Handling Turns on a dime! Light and easy enough for a child to handle. Durability Keep it clean and it will be your friend for many years to come. The handles are very sturdy and the reel sits well in the mount. Safety I wouldn't let my toddler push it, but other than that it is safe enough for children to use. Ease of Use No gas, no cord, no prep. Just push. Engine Power I'd like to think I'm a pretty decent little engine for it! It really is so light that it is next to no effort to push. You just walk around your yard.



Its Patriotic to use a handmower and this is one of the best


In Seattle on a typical summer's day, power mowers were responsible for almost as much air pollution as automobiles.  What are the advantages of using an old fashioned reel mower?  Of course, there is the exercise.  There is also the fact that the mower is very quiet.  I find nothing more annoying than to be awaken on a Saturday morning by some early bird homeowner who wants to mow his lawn using a power mower before the day starts getting warm.   Just as using a hand mower is considerate of your neighbors, it is also considerate of the nation's economy, reducing use of foreign oil, the nation's national security and, of course, the environment.  The oil spill in the gulf is new proof that there just isn't much good about a reliance on petroleum.  And as hand mowers go, this is certainly one of the best and most available.

Littleton, CO


American Lawn Mower Company 18" Reel Mower

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