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American Girl
American Girl American Girl Real Beauty Sheer Raspberry Lip Shine

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American Girl Lip Shine is Outstanding!


I could not belive when i first tryed out the American Girl Real Beauty Sheer Rasberry Lip Shine. I expected to be some little girls lip gloss, that doesnt have much smell and was very oily but no. It was actually surprisingly delicious, all around. especially the Rasberry Lip Shine. It is not oily at all like some lip glosses can be , but it was very smooth and just perfect texture. Also it is not to sticky and stays shiny and on you lips for quite some time. I was actually quite surprised with the result of this product., I would for sure give it 5 stars and outstanding award. Even if you are grown it doesnt matter, anyone will enjoy this. Rasberry and Vanilla Malt are my favorite flavors of all time. I would reccommend this to any lady in town. It is worth it and it doesnt cost that much money. You would think that sinice it was a little girls company it would be for little girls, but really I would reccommend it for anyone because it is just the perfect lipgloss.

Tumwater, WA


Great Lip gloss for girls!


I bought my daughter the American Girl Real Beauty Sheer Raspberry conditioning lip shine recently at Bath and Body Works!  What a great product for girls!  American Girl has put out a really nice line of skin and hair care products, aimed mostly at pre-teens, that is both appropriate and well made!  My daughter is a big fan of the American Girl Doll line and was thrilled to find out they also carry products aimed specifically at her age group!  This lip shimmer goes on smooth and smells great.  She doesn't look gaudy or overdone when she wears it, and it also makes her feel like a "big girl" because she is getting to wear makeup.  In fact, we have bought this same product as little extra items for birthday presents and the girls all know what this line is, and get very excited to be receiving it.  I feel good about providing my daughter with a quality product that looks good and is appropriate for her age!

Clayton, NC


American Girl American Girl Real Beauty Sheer Raspberry Lip Shine

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