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American Express - Optima Credit Card

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American Express Optima is a great credit card


The American Express Optima card is one of my original credit cards.  It carried a low 9.9% fixed APR when I got it- which at that time, was actually slightly higher than some of the other variable APR cards out there.  Unlike other American Express cards, this card allows you to carry a balance, no need for a minimum, and occasionally offered low APR lifetime balance transfer offers.  I am still using a 3.9% lifetime offer for a large amount as we speak.  Let's just say that's come in handy with all the other credit cards raising their APR's to the point of no return.  The Optima also has a rewards points program that's a little outrageous in terms of the amount of points you'd need to redeem for certain items, but that's why this is considered a higher-class type of card.  With the budget crisis going on in the country, they've decreased my maximum from 10,000 dollars to about 5,000 within the past two years, but that's okay.  The less debt I'm in, the better.

Fargo, ND


American Express - Optima Credit Card

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