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American Express - Jetblue Credit Card

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THE BEST for earning Jetblue miles, hands down!


I LOVE my Jetblue card and it's pretty much the only card I use for travel. What drew me in was that you end up gaining EIGHT (yes, 8) Jetblue points per dollar spent on Jetblue.com. You simply can't beat that as a tool for accruing Jetblue miles. If you're a committed Jetblue flier, then it only makes sense to get this card (assuming you qualify). You get a 50% statement credit for any purchases you make on a Jetblue flight, and there's no faster way to accrue points. Also, if you can spend $1,000 in the first three months of ownership (and who can't), you get a BONUS 20K miles, which will take you pretty much anywhere. Cannot speak highly enough of this great card! Customer Service I've always had a positive experience with American Express customer service. Efficient and helpful. Available Rates I have what I consider a competitive rate of about 15% on this card. It DOES carry a $40 annual fee, like many Amex cards, but I think it's worth it for such great deals when flying Jetblue!



Jetblue cc by AMEX great card- best seating without first class


What I really like about the card are the points that I get to fly on my favorite U.S. airlines - Jet blue, which accrue rather quickly - (Jet Blue has no first class seating, which I find great, as there is more leg room for everyone and no second class treatment - I wish all airlines were like this one). The card has a beautiful harlequin design and is accepted in most of the places that I like to shop. Of course as with all American Express cards there are some places that will not accept the card, so I don't visit these establishments too often. I also find that you get treated better from proprietors with AMEX cards as they are more difficult to get then Visa or Mastercard credit cards. I also love American Express online service for their cards - as they are beautifully designed and easy to navigate, unlike some of the online service of my other cards. I also like the customer service I get when I call up and have an inquiry about a bill or general question about perks and/ or service. Overall a great card to have and carry in you wallet for day to day purchases. 

Port Jervis, NY


American Express - Jetblue Credit Card

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