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American Express - Delta Reserve SkyMiles

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I love my American Express Delta Skymiles Credit Card


I recently applied for and received  my Delta Skymiles card. I applied for it for the sign-up bonus miles. I like this card because it offers other ways to earn miles besides purchases such as e-miles, e-rewards and skymile dining.  They keep me informed through e-mails of great deals and billing information. The online personal account iseasy to initialise and use. The miles that I earn for every day purchases on top of the bonus miles earned are posted to my account in a timely manner. The access your account website is easy to understand and easy to use. My billing statement comes in a timely manner also and shows exactly how many miles I have earned for that period. I like the fact that I can aces my account from anywhere via the inter net site. I have only had my Delta Skymiles credit card for a few months now and I have found that a lot of stores accept this card. It is actually kinda fun using this card and seeing how many skymiles I can rack up so I can fly to visit my grandbabbies. This card is FUN!

Carriere, MS


Great Card


Using the Delta American Express credit card had been great, at least until they jacked up the interest rate.  I was able to accumulate enough Skymiles to travel free to Hawaii.  The first year was NO Interest, NO membership fees, but now with the membership and high-high interest rate, there has been no advantage to keeping the card.  I am in the process of paying this card off and/or transferring the balance to a different "fee free" and interest free credit card.  Unfortunately, with the economic situation at it's worst, this has been almost impossible.  The credit card companies certainly have you over a barrel.  Even the credit cards that I have with a lower interest rate, have notified me that the interest is going up and/or my credit balance has been decreased.  I am being penalized for being a responsible person who pays their bills and mortgage on time.  I feel if  I complain too much, they might cancel me altogether.

Saint Ignace, MI


Delta Skymiles AMEX


Not a bad credit card IF you do not carry balance.  I have had for years and have had no problems.  Customer service is AWESOME and they work hard to meet your needs and wants.  I had a problem with unauthorized charges and AMEX was quick to remove and credit my account.  Easy access to account via online or by phone.  Overnight shipping of replacement cards.  Rewards program for Delta Skymiles is not as a high as if you had the platinum card but that card has an annual fee.  For a free rewards card it does the job.  Great to have a different type of credit card from Visa because Visa is not accepted everywhere.  Some places only take AMEX whereas others take everything but AMEX.  Nice plastic see through card design.  Great points when traveling on Delta.  Many perks and rewards for using the card such as discounts on car rentals and flowers for any occassion.  The credit card has been good to me over the years and I am glad to not have a large balance with them. The interest rate is high 14%

Miami, FL


This is the card for people who hate credit cards.


If you're like me, you hate debt. You resent credit scores because they penalize you for not having gone into debt enough, when that simply means you were responsible enough to save up money to buy your first car outright. Having said that, you also understand that being fiscally responsible means having a good credit card available for emergencies. And that's where my American Express Delta Skymiles card comes into play. I have had this card for about five years now and it has been great. There is no annual fee and I have a very sensible interest rate (though that probably varies from person to person). There are no charges for paying your balance in full month after month, and it has been very comforting to have on hand. Incidentally, this is one of the American Express cards that does have a limit. It is not an unlimited charge card you use to prevent having to carry large amounts of cash or use checks. Therefore, the balance does not need to be paid in full at the end of each month, but you will pay a small interest fee for carrying a balance. I assume that the credit limit, like the interest rate, varies from customer to customer, but I feel mine was generous considering how little credit history I had when I set up my account. Periodically the company sends me offers enticing me to upgrade to a gold version, but I'm much too savvy for that. That may be a good card to have if you travel a lot and use sky miles, but that is for another reviewer. :) I have not tried to cash in on my Delta SkyMiles, so I do not know if the amount I'm earning is good or if the Delta airline has good customer service since we seldom travel. Sky miles are not important to me. Having no annual fee is. So even if I don't know what the major perk associated with this card is good, I do know that the credit card itself is wonderful. I have only had to call customer service once and they were very friendly and reassuring. They confirmed that they would take my side if my transaction on E-bay went south and that they were accustomed to their customers using their cards for such purposes. The company also has convenient and secure online bill pay, which I enjoy. You can pay it any time before the due date. That is important to me because having the freedom to pick my due date comes in handy when pay day varies from week to week and sometimes prioritizing other bills is necessary. You also have the option of paying the balance in full, paying the minimum, or paying anything in between. The bill is broken down thoroughly under 'account summary' and you can easily go back through previous statements if need be. There is even the option to dispute a charge online, though that is the sort of thing I typically wish to deal with over the phone (as close to 'in person' as you're going to get these days). The setup for online charge dispute is done well, too, because they ask you many questions to make sure you actually need to follow through and didn't just forget what you spent that $100 at Wal-Mart on. The only thing that might make that feature handier is if there was a way to have the information from the receipt somehow available. I am not sure the technology for that exists, though, or if the American Express server could handle holding all that information, so that may just be a pipe dream. All in all, though, I find their website very easy to use and a major stamp-saving convenience. I like the American Express company also because they occasionally send offers for nice things like jewelry, watches, and fancy day-planners. I have never actually purchased any of these at the low low discount price (or free with shipping and handling), but it makes me feel important knowing they think I would use a leather day planner. Additionally, they offered me a deal on rental car insurance which was nice. When I used my card to rent a vehicle, they charged me $20 and gave me additional coverage in the event of an accident. Fortunately, we did not need it, but it was a nice feature and gave us peace of mind while we were on vacation miles away from home. The only drawback to using our American Express card that I have found so far is that it is not always accepted at places. Visa and Mastercard will always be taken anywhere that does credit card transactions. American Express is very hit or miss. If you are like me, this may be a problem you can work around or not a problem at all. Gas stations take all credit cards, as do most big grocery stores and many restaurants. However,  your mechanic may not. He may be so quaintly old-fashioned that he only takes cash. Suddenly that credit card you got for emergencies doesn't seem like it's good for emergencies. However, you can either go to a major chain repair shop where they take American Express, or you can pay your mechanic cash and use the card for groceries that month. Like I said, it can be worked around, but it can sure be a pain at stressful times. All in all, I highly recommend this card to anyone looking for no annual fee and a great company.  

Weirton, WV


Dellta Skymiles American Express credit card is a class act.


I use the American Express Delta Skymiles card for everything.  I pay the full balance each month so run up no interest charges.  In return, I earn quite a few air miles every month.  Upon occasion, I have seen a charge that I needed to dispute.  Amex has defended me again such fraudulent charges every time - no hassle.  I pay a membership fee but Delta provides me with a companion ticket every year that will save more than the fee cost me.  I'm a fan.

Charleston, SC


American Express looks out for your safety and security!


I have been an American Express holder for almost 20 years.  I feel comfortable using it everywhere and especially on the internet.  Several times, I have unfortunately had my identity or card number stolen online from sites that might have been compromised.  Not only was I not aware that my card was stolen, American Express contacted me immediately to tell me about the fradulent charges.  Their customer service is unbelieveable.  There have been other times when my card was stolen out of my purse, and when I called to tell them of the theft, they immediately stopped the card and issues all credits on the charges that were not mine.  I have never had a problem with American Express.  Anytime I call about something that I questioned on my bill they always help with a smile.  They never try and upsell you on other products and if they do mention other products they have available it is always in a informaiton type way.  They never pressure you to do something you might feel uncomfortable doing.  American Express has the best customer service I ahve ever had in any credit card in my entire life.  I will never cancel that card!

Alpharetta, GA


American Express - Delta Reserve SkyMiles

4.5 6