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American Crew
American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo

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Smells like medicine, but feels upscale


My out-of-town boyfriend had left this American Crew Tea Tree Balancing Shampoo at my house when he had come to visit.  We broke up and he never picked up his shampoo.  So I figured I would give it a try, I knew that it was a pricier than my shampoo even if it was geared towards men!  The shampoo has a very thick lather and luxurious feel.  The scent has a strong tea tree smell.  To me it smells like medicine, but I can see how the scent would appeal to a guy.  It works very well to clean my hair.  I have oily hair, and this shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean, but not stripped of oil.  I wash all my hair every other day; on the off days I only wash my bangs with this shampoo and I do not use any conditioner on the days that I just wash my bangs.  My hair still looks nice and shiny without the use of conditioner. To me, the cost of this shampoo is more than I am willing to pay.  However, if I was a guy looking for a shampoo in this price range, I would definitely consider American Crew Tea Tree Balancing Shampoo.  It does a good job and feels great while cleaning the hair.

Greenville, SC


American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo--don't do it!


You have to have the right kind of hair to use this product. My normal hair became oily and unmanageable with use. The tea tree oil is heavy and has a interesting smell. If you want to use a tea tree smapoo, try the one that is made by the Body Shop. It is lighter and rinses cleaner. 

Tampa, FL


American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo

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