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American Crew
American Crew Classic Light Hold Styling Gel

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Light and reliable


So many men's hair products seem like they're made to prepare their user for an appearance in "Grease" or Mr. Sleaze contest. I am happy to report that American Crew Light Hold gel is NOT one of those. As soon as you squeeze it out of the bottle, the light, almost watery feel of this gel on your fingers assures you you won't get glued to your hair or have to wash your hands forever after you are done. My husband is the one who uses this gel every day to style his short hair, but I'm not above dipping into his stash on the days when my frizz is on. The gel works for both of us. It does create a darker film on the styled hair, so if your hair is light, you might want to take that into account. The styled hair stays just like that -- slick and visibly styled, until you wash it out, and that's one feature that I personally consider less than optimal. On the other hand, the gel has a neutral, light, salon-like fragrance that really makes you feel smooth and put together.

Lincoln, NE


American Crew Classic Light Hold Styling Gel

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