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CPLM 14000E
Amcor Portable Air Conditioner

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Happy with the purchase.


We purchased the Amcor windowless air conditioner in July, 2008. We needed a windowless unit because of the layout of the house. The unit we purchased was the 14,000 btu model. It came with a remote contol and timer and an easy to install venting system that vents heat and moisture from the room. It weighs about 60 lbs and has rolling casters for moving about.The unit was suprisingly quiet and it efficiently cooled two rooms of about 500 square feet. It also came with a 100 rebate which has not yet arrived but I checked with the customer service and it is on the way. If you cannot install a window unit or wjole house unit I would recommend this product.

Seaford, NY


Plasma Cool PC14E has revolutionary no-drain technology


This is the only portable ac in the market which is no-drain.  Other claim to be no drain but what they really mean is using the continuous drain function that you have to set up manually.  But plasma cool evaporates all the water automatically and you only have to empty the water tray when you are storing the ac.  This no drain technology is patented to Amcor/plasma cool and www.plasmacoolportableac.com/What-is-AutoDrain-NanoMist-Technology-.php has a video of how this technology works.

San Francisco, CA


A real "No Drain portable" AC that provides cooling ex. humidity


For the longest time I was frustrated with acs claiming to be no drain and humidity reducers, but finally I own a new model of Plasma Cool called PC-14E.  It is easily portable on wheels, very strong - 14,000 BTUs, does not require draining (it is true) and best of all, it removes tons of moisture from air every hour.  I live in Manhattan in battery park where summers are hot and muggy, and this air conditioner has made such a difference that I wonder how I lived all these years without it.  I agree with others that www.plasmacoolportableac.com does provide information on this model in a way that is easy to understand and helps in decision making.

New York, NY


Amcor Portable Air Conditioner

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