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ACH 220
Ambia Portable Two Zone Ceramic Tower Heater ACH-220


Ambia's Two Zone Tower Ceramic Heater provides the benefits of two heaters in one beautiful product. The two heater modules can be used combined like a traditional heater, or they can be separated to direct heat in two places. The unique tethered heater modules can be placed up to 9-feet apart, one on the floor and one on a desktop, or one on each side of a chair, one on each side of a bed, or aimed at two different people. You can select heat from both modules together, or from either the top or bottom separately.

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The Ambia is practical, yet powerful dual-zone ceramic heater


I was attracted to this heater because it's not only powerful (1500 watts) but practical. I needed heaters for both my bedroom and bathroom which are right next to each other and this fills the bill very nicely! Besides putting out an amazing amount of heat, it can be separated into two units giving me one for the bathroom and one for the bedroom. The two units can be separated up to nine feet apart, or can be used together for two levels of heating, and several heat settings for each. Together they stack so they take up very little space (a few square inches) and actually look like a stereo speaker so it blends well with any decor. Separately, they are small, but put out a lot of heat, or a little depending on how you set it. Each heater can be set independently of each other which is a nice feature if you are using it for two people in the same room who like different settings and the connection cord is long enough to put each unit on each side of the bed. It has a safety feature so that it shuts off when it's reached a certain temperature. It is sturdy and does not tip over either together or apart. This is far better than a tower heater and far more practical than a single unit heater for about the same price. The controls are very easy to use and this unit is very easy to set either as one or two units.

Tampa, FL


Ambia Portable Two Zone Ceramic Tower Heater ACH-220

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