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Ambi Even & Clear Foaming Cleanser

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this product really work


ambi even and clear foaming cleanser isa great product for african american ladies or males who are having trouble with acne or dark sopt on their face. only at the age of 13 years old i had trouble with acne and dark spot on my face. one of my homegirls  told me to use ambi and said it work good. after the first use,i could feel the different. my skinfelt so soft.he is what  aginggenesis.com is saying about this product: It is often difficult for women with rich skin tones to find effective skin care products because most product lines focus on human skin in general. For women of African, South Asian, and Latin descent, several products may fall short of their expectations. That is why Ambi was created and why this product line continues to flourish. Rather than focusing on a large group of skin types, it focuses on a specific group and strives to bring women within that group even, beautiful skin.   Every product on the Ambi website comes with an explanation of what the product is for, what it can be best mixed with, and where the best place is to buy it. We like the organizational system and the amount of information available through the website, so we are a bit disappointed that we cannot shop from the Ambi site directly - especially since we are a bit put off by the privacy policy warning that flashes across our monitor before we attempt to visit any recommended websites. Ambi Pros And Cons Ambi Pros - Available at most retail drugstores - Geared specifically towards women with rich skin tones Ambi Cons - Could not find information about clinical studies - No product testimonials on main product website - Cannot buy directly through Ambi website What We Think Ambi seems like a good product line for the women who fall into its key demographic, but we wish this company would make people's shopping experiences a bit easier. We do not feel comfortable leaving the main website to go to another site after we see a disclaimer, nor do we like to purchase products from sites we do not know. If the products were a bit easier to find online and we knew a bit more about how current users felt about this product line, we would be much more inclined to leave a raving review.   here ar what people are saying about this product beautyreport.com: Ambi is a skin care line that is produced by Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson is a popular corporation that has been in business for over 120 years, and they have over 100,000 employees. This is a very recognizable brand, and some of the products that they also produce are Neutrogena, Listerine, Tylenol, and Splenda. Ambi is a skin care line that has been produced since 1966 from information found on the official website. This is a skin care line for a South Asian, Latin, and African women. This is for women who have darker complexions than European or US skin tones, and they are specialized products that are for darker complexions. Dark skin has increased melanin production, and it can often lead to uneven complexions or hyperpigmentation with age. This product line has been used for over 50 years, and they have been some of the best sellers on the market. They have specific fading creams that work for women with darker skin tones to even out their complexion by reducing discoloration. This product line has different categories that do include a variety of products, including cleansers, exfoliants, and moisturizers that reduce breakouts and even out hyperpigmentation in the skin. The website for these products is professional and has detailed information. All of the products are described well, and they also offers skin care advice and a locator to find a store in your area. You can purchase products through an online store to make it even more convenient. Ambi Pros: - These products are produced by Johnson & Johnson, who is one of the most well-known megacorporations in the United States. - This brand has an informative and user-friendly website. Ambi Cons: - However, not all of the ingredients are completely listed for each product. - These products seem to be focused on evening out the skin tone, but they do not offer any wrinkle reduction or anti aging benefits. - You do have to go to a retail location or third-party store to purchase any of these products. - It would be helpful to see all of the ingredients disclosed so that consumers could decide whether or not they would have a reaction to using these products. Overall Impression These products seem to work well for women with darker complexions, and they are especially made for dark skin or any type of issues with darker skin tones. Many of these products are affordable and low cost, but they do not offer any anti aging benefits. We cannot recommend these products for any type of anti aging concerns, but they could be worth using if you want generally healthy skin. However, if you are looking for more advanced anti aging products, then it would be better to pursue a brand that discloses all of their scientifically formulated ingredients so that you can decide if they will work for you. This is a specialized brand for darker skin tones, so if you do not fit into this category, then you will still need to look for other products to offer anti aging benefits to you.

Bedford, TX


My skin is more even!


I have been using ambi cleanser for about three years now. I have struggled with acne ever since middle school and have tried prescription cleansers as well as over the counter cleansers and have not had the same success as I've had with ambi. I never had huge pimples, just the occasional tiny white heads you get with oily skin like mine. However occasionally I will get a bigger pimple here or there that will leave a dark spot and with ambi oh my goodness- to my women of color I would say in about a three days to a week you will see the dark spot begin to fade. That is the main reason I like this product no dark spots only a smooth and even complexion. Everytime I use this product I have a clean face and a healthy glow! This product is not natural or organic and contains sulfates, but my skin never feels completely stripped but clean and moisturized. This product does not contain hydroquinone and will not bleach your skin, but this product will assist with acne and help to even out your skin tone!

Savannah, GA


Ambi irritates my skin


I kind of liked the Ambi facial cleanser at first, but after the first week my face became very irritated. The cleanser left my face feeling very dry. It also didn't give me that my face is clean feeling. I'm sure the product works well for other people but not for me.

Los Angeles, CA


Ambi Even & Clear Foaming Cleanser

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