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Amazon Instant Video

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Pretty Standard


I mostly use it because I have Amazon Prime and I love "The Grand Tour" I have watched a few other shows on it and have enjoyed it. All in all its a good player. If I had to choose I would go with Netflix though lol. It's worth it for "The Grand Tour"

Aurora, CO


No new releases to stream! Bad selection.


Very few, almost none in fact, current titles available to rent! Titles that are available to purchase are VERY overpriced! You're much better off getting a DVD or BluRay of the same thing. Poor selection for of basic titles for streaming.



Not Great Selection of Free Prime Videos


The option of instant download for a video instead of waiting for a dvd to arrive is always a great option, especially if the video can be played on a wide variety of devices. We have been generally pleased with what we have received when buying a video through Amazon's instant video program. However, the downside to this program is the options available for free with a Prime membership. We considered ending our Netflix membership and turning to Prime so we could enjoy free two-day shipping and an instant video subscription in one package. But we were quite disappointed with the video content available for free to Prime members. Even though Netflix can have some issues, Amazon's video options simply did not measure up. We chose to stick with Netflix and turn away from Amazon's instant video service simply because we ended up with a wider variety of selection.



Amazon Instant Video

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